These dogs are as human as any of us

As we’ve long known, our cuddly canines are always up for a good time. Whether it’s playing in the park, having a boogie in the lounge room or cuddling up with someone special, these dogs can teach us all a thing or two about enjoying each moment that life has to offer. 

First up, we have Ozzy, the English bulldog, kicking back at the park with his owner Sophie. He’s as happy as Larry to have a turn on the swing.


This next pup has moves that could put Michael Jackson to shame. With spot-on rhythm and a smile on his face, this Boston terrier could be a back-up dancer in Marky Mark’s next video.

Last but not least, who doesn’t have the occasional spat with their significant other? Porkie the cat and Sara the husky might have their disagreements, but when Porkie wants to kiss and make up, Sara is happy to oblige.

Written by ameliath