Top New Year resolutions revealed

Have you been thinking about your New Year resolution?

Now, before you flippantly make some pledge that you’ll break perhaps before bedtime on 1 January, consider that New Year resolutions have a long and proud history.

Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts; the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus; and medieval knights resolved at this time each year that they would re-commit to chivalry.

These days, resolutions take on a more selfish component. Consider this list from a 2017 survey of the most popular New Year resolutions:

  • exercise more
  • lose weight
  • eat more healthily
  • take a more active approach to health
  • learn a new skill or hobby
  • spend more time on personal wellbeing.

We liked the resolution Glenn made last year.

“I ran a very short distance to catch a train and found myself puffing and panting when I got there. My resolution was to run less.”

Glenn says he hasn’t run at all in 2018, placing him, according to the latest surveys, among the 12 per cent of people who actually fulfilled their resolution.

Good luck with yours.


Peter is a grandfather and he says the toughest thing about looking after his grandkids is how to discipline them.

He’s in his 70s and a bit old-school. His grandkids have parents who don’t believe in hitting or threating to hit.

“My mother used to say, ‘Wait until your father gets home,’ and I’d be terrified.

“Dad would get me in a room, undo his belt and I’d be crying and apologising. But he never hit me.

“I think my Mum hit me once or twice with the wooden spoon.

“But I’m not permitted to do anything when it comes to discipline. I’ve got to talk to them and try to reason and explain that what they’ve done is wrong.

“I’m not sure a five-year-old can reason very well.

“The other day, the six-year-old flipped me the middle finger. I was shocked.

What did I do?

I said, ‘Wait till your mother gets home,’ and I handballed the problem to my daughter.”


Gary’s not happy about the airport situation in Perth.

He recently arrived at the airport and was told his flight was departing from terminal four.

“My problem was that there were no signs telling me that terminals one and two, where I was, were nowhere near terminals three and four. They’re a 15-minute drive away.

“I went to the information desk and was informed that I could catch a bus and that the next one left in 30 minutes.

“I was lucky that I’d arrived early!

“I contacted the airport afterwards and suggested they should have signs indicating the existence of a second terminal and that it’s so far away.

“They replied that the information was on my ticket.

“And who reads the small print on airline tickets? I don’t.”


Pat loves getting those junk emails that annoy the rest of us.

Pat’s 82, so when she got an email offering her a $99 end-of-year wedding discount, she chuckled.

“As for emails concerning potential love interests from Russia, perhaps they think I’m a ‘Patrick’ in my 40s.”

Pat had another observation, this time about life and death.

“I read The Age each morning and I notice that there are far more women in the death notices than men and this strikes me as odd.

“This can’t be because there are more women dying, so is it because the woman dies before the husband and he places a death notice as part of his grieving process?

“If so, does this mean women don’t grieve as much as men and just get on with life? I’ve always felt that a woman moves on better from the death of her husband than a man does from the death of his wife.

“I’d love to hear any other theories.”


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