Giving your time to a worthy cause can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The YourLifeChoices Volunteering page has information about volunteer work, whether you are looking for something local, Australia-wide, international or even online.

Australians contribute more than 700 million hours each year to volunteering, undertaken by 34 percent of the population. Volunteering is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people and even travel the world.

You will find information about environmental volunteering, mentoring students, working on conservation projects and much more below. So why not make the world a better place and find out how you can help?

Community connection offers a chance to be charitable

Community connection offers a chance to be charitable

Getting involved in charity work is something many retirees aspire to achieve - but for many

Buckley’s Choice

Buckley’s Choice

Graham Buckley's sea-change took him to a remote outstation in Central Australia to teach. But

First time volunteers

We hear a lot about older Australians volunteering. But what if you are a first-timer and simply

Lend an ear

For those who have no-one and need someone to reach out to, The Salvo Care Line offers just that,

Meals on Wheels

Giving a little spare time can reap more satisfaction and enjoyment than many jobs. Local organisations

Go volunteer

Giving up your time to volunteer at a local organisation in need of assistance may be a selfless

Volunteer to travel

An effective and inexpensive way to see Australia and the world at large is by volunteering. As

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