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Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society operates a steam train at Sheffield in northern Tasmania. It also has a museum which houses many other steam engines. The Association’s main fundraiser is SteamFest, a weekend featuring displays of vintage machinery, train rides, traction engines, steam rollers, vintage cars, farm tractors, stationary engines plus working demonstrations of farm practices from the steam era.

Sheffieldand the picturesque farmland of the surrounding Kentish area have attracted many tree changers to the district with attractions such as:

  • Mt.Roland which forms a dramatic backdrop to the town and is a magnet for bushwalkers and admirers of natural beauty alike.
  • The wide variety of gourmet foods grown in the area.
  • Lake Barrington’s international rowing course which attracts rowers and their families as well as trout fishermen and nature lovers.
  • Muralfest and the murals around the town which provide easily accessible tourist attractions.


The Society needs more volunteers to help expand the operation into a world class tourist attraction, with a focus on preserving the past in a format which is attractive to visitors of all ages. They would welcome interest from potential volunteers who either already live in Tasmania or who are considering moving to this most beautiful part of Australia. Anyone with an interest or experience in any of the following areas would be welcomed with open arms:-

  • steam engine operation
  • restoring machinery/engines
  • building/handyman skills
  • model trains
  • working with visitors
  • gardening
  • event organising.


The President, Chris Martin, can be contacted after hours on 0429 418 739


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