Volunteering opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer both in Australia and overseas are boundless and you may even learn something new along the way.

Opportunities to volunteer both in Australia and overseas are boundless and you may even learn something new along the way. If you're keen but not sure where to start, these organisations can give you an idea of what's involved and what's available.
  • Australian Business Volunteers Ltd (ABV). Australian Business Volunteers is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1981 by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and AusAID. ABV is interested in the transfer of business skills. The primary source of business skills is ABV's skilled and experienced volunteers who may be retired, semi-retired or using their annual leave.
  • Australian Volunteers International (AVI). AVI provides opportunities for Australians to volunteer in order to live, work and learn in partnership with people of other cultures. Volunteers contribute to developing communities and bring a reciprocal benefit to Australia.
  • FIDO - Friends In Deed Organisation Volunteer skills network. Facilitaties the matching of skills provided by registered volunteers with the needs and requirements indicated by registered non-profit organisations. You then play 'matchmaker' via specific software. What's more, it is entirely free!
  • Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. RIDBC in Sydney provides a wide range of educational services to children who have significant hearing and/or vision loss, including children who have additional disabilities. Seniors are the biggest supporters of the Institute and it relies heavily on volunteers and fundraising to provide these services to over 600 children.
  • Volunteering Australia. This is the national peak body working to advance volunteering in Australia. Here you can find the definition and principles of volunteering, a code of practice for organisations using volunteers, volunteers' rights and contact details for all state/territory volunteering centres.
  • Also check their GoVolunteer site, designed to provide free advertising for not-for-profit community organisations looking for volunteers.
  • Volunteers for Isolated Students' Education (VISE). For retired teachers to to spend six weeks with remote families to help with childrens' education.

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