When plastic was fantastic

In South Yarra, Peter had an elderly neighbour who used to go out at night to cut her small front lawn with scissors while her daughter held a torch. But they’re not the silliest gardeners we’ve heard of.

In Blackburn, John had a neighbour who loved plastic flowers.

“Every spring, she would get them from inside the house, hang them on the Hills Hoist to hose clean, then plant them in the garden.

“Then, as winter approached, she’d go around the garden, collect them and put them in vases around the house.”

I recently wrote about the war I’m waging in my backyard in Melbourne. I wrote it with some trepidation, but my determination to humanely make a dent in the number of myna birds in my area was applauded by most YourLifeChoices members. This pest is yet another introduced species and is having a big impact on native birds.

Mon wrote: “Congratulations on taking up the initiative in your neighbourhood and I don’t think you’re a nutcase but a very concerned citizen willing to take a positive stance in the eradication of this introduced pest. Unfortunately, unless all municipal councils join forces to carry out a mass eradication, your efforts will be in vain.”

Keithb: “Nice to see a story about the damage introduced species are causing to native wildlife in our country. Feral cats and brumbies should also be treated as the vermin they are.”

Musicveg: “Last spring I had myna bird nest in my roof. After they left I was invaded by mites, a very unpleasant experience, they ate me alive.”

But Adrianus wrote: “It’s hard to believe how intolerable some people can be. Those birds may be an introduced species but so are you.”

Do you believe that twins have an unusual connection?

Joy didn’t, until her twin aunts died.

“Alice and Ruby Gibbon were born in 1918. They never married, but had long-term partners.

“In 2010, Ruby passed away in Melbourne as a result of a leg infection.

“On the same day, six hours later, Alice died in Leongatha, also from a leg infection.

“Alice passed away not knowing that Ruby had died.”


Margaret worked at Holeproof as a machinist when she was 15. One day she got a finger caught in a machine and the needle snapped.

“The nurse thought she’d got all of it out, but I had an X-ray for arthritis last week and they found that part of the needle still lodged in my finger.

“I’m now 70.”

Bill Todd was nicknamed Queer Shape. Get it?

We didn’t either, until Brian explained it.

Built odd.

Tom Morrow was called Yesty.

And if you know somebody who never shuts up, call them 7-Eleven.

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