Gadgets that make life easier for older Australians

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There’s a common saying that our 50s are the new 30s and the 60s are the new 40s. This may be true for a relatively small number of the elderly people around the world, who’ve been genetically endowed with longevity and good health.

Thanks to the rapid advancements in digital technologies  over the past few decades, more and more senior citizens are now able to live fuller and happier lives with the help of simple, user-friendly electronic aides.

As years go by, one’s mind becomes less agile
As a person approaches a ripe old age, chances are that their mind may start to play little tricks on them, even if their body remains active. Seniors tend to forget simple routines that until recently were a no-brainer.

Electronic pill boxes and managers
And when they start skipping their medication, it’s time to supply them with an electronic pillbox like TinyLogics’ Memo Box 7 Day or Elliegrid’s Elite Smart Pillbox. The leader in the smart pill dispensing field is Hero – the ultimate pill managing robot that has completely automatised the pill-taking process. Hero can seamlessly manage its owner’s 90-day supply of pills.

All of these devices require a wireless internet connection, as they send alerts to both the user’s and the caregiver’s phones. Most importantly, they eliminate the risk of double-taking the daily dose if, for example, the user has forgotten having already taken their pills.

Where am I?
People with advanced dementia tend to suddenly lose perception of their whereabouts, meaning that they can get lost in immediate proximity to their homes. When this happens, they tend to get panic-stricken and start to go about in circles, desperately trying to remember where they are or where they were going.

Fortunately, simple gadgets like SPACETALK Life and MobileElite Emergency Response System offer a way out of this conundrum. They combine a GPS tracker and a communication device to let the elderly user quickly send out a distress signal and request assistance or have their location tracked down by their loved ones.

Using simple technologies for convenience and entertainment
The number of elderly people who use social networks to connect with their friends and family is increasing every year. It is also true that many seniors tend to watch Netflix blockbusters on their laptop’s monitor rather than on their TV. For the elderly people living on their own, the computer and the internet have already become a lifeline to the outside world.

For example, a trip to the supermarket can be excruciating for a couple in their late seventies, but with the help of an easy-to-use mobile app they can order every item they need online and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Video doorbells and personal panic buttons can make your home safer
Getting their home burgled is one of the elderly’s biggest fears. Video doorbells, such as the ones offered by Ring, allow people to see who’s ringing the door on their tablet’s monitor and even talk to the visitor in real time. When they go on holiday, the smart video doorbell records all past visits in the cloud, from where they can be easily downloaded when the homeowner comes back.

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated security system has its weaknesses and sometimes intruders may get into your house. Still, you should not be afraid if you have Ring’s Personal Panic Button within reach. As soon as you push it, you’ll get in touch with one of their security experts, who’ll promptly instruct you on the safest possible procedure.

The simple gadgets described above can make living as a senior an unparalleled experience. Smart and user-friendly, these cool tech gadgets allow the elderly to require less attention and assistance from their loved ones. With the help of the internet and smart devices, seniors can now remain in control of their lives for longer.

What simple technology makes a difference to your life?

Adam Lucci is the lead writer at Gadget User.

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