Managing your travel money

Sue doesn't want to waste money on unnecessary fees when accessing her travel funds

Managing your travel money

YOURLifeChoices member Sue has saved hard for her trip to Vietnam and doesn’t want to waste money on unnecessary fees when accessing her travel funds. She’s heard of one card and would like to know if it’s worthwhile.

Q. Sue
I am travelling to Vietnam next month and have heard about a credit card that I can use overseas which does not attract any fees… I think it’s called 28 Degrees. Do you know about this card and is there anything you can recommend for a novice traveller?

A. Vietnam is a great country and I'm sure you'll have quite a lot of fun. The 28 Degrees MasterCard is a very popular card amongst travellers. Quite a few of our members have used it and found it to be a useful and affordable way of accessing travel money.

I believe the best thing about this card is that it does not charge fees for ATM withdrawals. You will find in Vietnam that although credit cards are widely accepted, cash is definitely preferred, so accessing your money without fees is a distinct advantage.

You may find our article, Best credit cards for travelling, worth reading. 

I hope you have safe and happy travels.

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    10th Apr 2013
    Does anyone know about the Post Office travel card that is being advertised at the moment? I usually get a travelex card from my credit union when i travel but this post office one sounded quite good... anyone used it yet? thanks
    10th Apr 2013
    OH and by the way... the link for "Bed credit cards fro travelling" doesn't work.. I've sent a Feedback email about it.
    10th Apr 2013
    ITS FIXED ALREADY... Well done DREW!!!!
    10th Apr 2013
    You will probably find you need to use Westpac affiliate banks in some countries for free ATM withdrawals. In the US it is Bank of America. In the UK they seem to be all free. In Thailand and most of Asia it is around $3 to $5. If you can find Aeon banks in Asia, they are free and also give the highest withdrawal limit. Be sure to make sure you have money on the card in credit and no outstanding purchases to be processed as they will come off first as you may find yourself in a 'cash withdrawal' position. It is a great card so long as you understand exactly how it works.
    10th Apr 2013
    We have used a 28 degree MasterCard (one each) for several years now when overseas and have been very satisfied with it. One card had a problem while overseas (bought Hopon/off ticket in NY and their computer was hacked) so we contacted 28 degrees in Australia. They had already cancelled the card and arranged for a new one to be Fedexed to our next hotel in Canada. Great service.
    10th Apr 2013
    This is a very informative blog with many user comments and tips on using this card.
    11th Apr 2013
    This blog was was full of information and I thank you for posting it here.. I tried to comment on it but was unable to get through the security.. .LOL

    thanks again
    10th Apr 2013
    in my opinion & wide experience a DEBITCARD is the only way...make sure you have enough money in it...i used to be called oldfashioned years ago but my way of managing
    money is ...saved enough to buy a bed...talofa
    10th Apr 2013
    Used the 28 Degrees card on our last trip and couldn't be more satisfied. There are no conversion fees either. Putting money on the card prior to travelling is the best way to go. They don't charge annual fees and you still get a reasonable credit period. I did a lot of research and believe I got the best deal.
    10th Apr 2013
    Believe me NO credit card is good in all of Asia as only high end hotels and tour operators will except with a high fee.Vietnam loves the Aussie dollar all operators big or small will give you the correct daily rate, they are very switched on, if this isn"t an option a simply debit card is best, remembering to draw out a few million at a time from the ATM also the American dollar speaks volumes,with the current exchange you could have a win even if you only carry a small amount esp with the small street venders they love cash we even did In Hanoi a tour booking where they excepted Oz dollar dep held it until we returned with local money, your buck goes a long way even if it sounds alot at the time.Enjoy your trip and ty some of the local street eating places excellent value.
    10th Apr 2013
    This seems to be going off topic. The initial question was about accessing travel money, not using it as a credit card.
    10th Apr 2013
    We have used our 28 degrees to access cash ( travelmoney) from ATMs while overseas. We load cash onto the credit card before we leave and draw on this debit amount. The only fee we pay is the ATM fee ($2 to access a foreign ATM). Hope this helps .
    13th Apr 2013
    DO NOT USE TRAVELEX CASH PASSPORT - was presented as easy access to your own money. 1. Hard to find ATMs where could withdraw cash.
    2. Cost $2.50 every time and could only withdraw maximum of $400!
    3. Cost $2 for Every Month Not Using it!
    4. Get bi-annual statements to say how much money you've lost to Travelex on 'fees' but EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to have total balance returned!!!
    5. Bank sent off fax to have balance returned to bank account - no response - asked bank to investigate further - "you have to contact them" thanks Amit of Bendigo Bank.
    No way to contact them other than fax!!
    I recommend you avoid Travelex Cash Passport unless you enjoy frustration and losing money.

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