11th Aug 2015
Melbourne's near-perfect score

The Economist magazine has announced its list of the world’s most liveable cities, giving Australians reason to be proud.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey rated 140 cities out of 100, evaluating them across the five areas of health care, education, stability, culture and environment and infrastructure. The ratings did not include some issues, such as housing affordability.

Melbournians can once again rejoice, with their hometown being named the most liveable for the fifth year running, receiving an almost-perfect score of 97.5. Adelaide followed closely in fifth place, with an overall rating of 96.6.

While 20 per cent of surveyed cities experienced declines in liveability over the past year, Australian cities were recognised as “a relative picture of stability”.

Austria also featured on the list, though seven of the top ten scoring cities were in Australia and Canada. Vienna came in at second place, Vancouver third, Toronto fourth and Calgary in sixth place.

The EIU report said, “Those [cities] that score best tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density.”

“These can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure.” the report said.

Damascus in Syria was given the rank of least liveable city, while the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare was the most improved city.

Sydney finished seventh on the list but due to the hostage siege late last year and the subsequent high terror alert issued to Australia, Australian scores may continue to be affected in coming years.  


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    19th Aug 2015
    Too close to the South Pole ! :-)
    19th Aug 2015
    Perth, my city, came in on eigth.

    19th Aug 2015
    Lived there for 34 years, but never again as the Queensland climate is a lot easier to take - even on the bad days.
    19th Aug 2015
    Lived in Melbourne for 25 years, can't really see the charm !

    19th Aug 2015
    Still live here you are all correct this place has turned into a dump full of ice addicts extreme crime run by a complete dickhead named Andrews whose only claim to fame is paying out $600 million bucks so as a road can"t be built. By the way we have a public transport strike on Friday.
    If you go out at night take a weapon with you as you have a very good chance of being attacked.
    It should be named the most UNLIVABLE city by rights
    19th Aug 2015
    Told ya it was too close to the South Pole !! :-(
    Walkies on Friday ? :-)
    20th Aug 2015
    Totally agree, robbo. We must live somewhere near you.....funny how they can build freeways and railways in the west, but the east misses out completely.

    FED UP.
    20th Aug 2015
    Been to Melbourne a few times, also checked out all of Victoria, a few not bad places like the Great Ocean road / Bright / --etc but Melbourne leaves me cold --
    ( or HOT --the climate is awful either too cold or too hot) the Port Phillip Bay is nothing to be proud of nor is Western Vic
    20th Aug 2015
    Also that creep Darryn Lyons the Mayor says a lot about the place
    20th Aug 2015
    HMM ?? Now where am I gunna Stash all these Imports ?? :-(
    20th Aug 2015
    What a joke! Talk about conflicting articles about Melbourne.....only a few weeks ago, we were one of the world's MOST EXPENSIVE cities to live in!!

    The weather is crap, food is too expensive, real estate is too expensive, you can't get a job.....what is so "liveable" about that?
    20th Aug 2015
    Oh, not forgetting how dreadful the traffic is! Lack of decent infrastructure to cope with all the bloody migrants being allowed to settle here!
    20th Aug 2015
    The Sun will rise at 6.43am Tomorrow :-)

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