Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 17

More than two-thirds of YourLifeChoices members receive either a full or part Age Pension. Which means dealing with Centrelink. Which often means frustration. In today’s episode of Mind Your Own Retirement, Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen tells Kaye and Deeksie how customers can avoid frustrating phone wait times and visits. This is advice from the top that you must hear.

Nicholas Morley is on a crusade to ease suffering through the use of medical cannabis oil. He explains the oil it can help and why it is not more widely available. Over-55s who suffer from arthritis, cancer, chronic pain and depression will learn much from this man on a mission.

And Leon recounts his trip through Ontario, talking all things Toronto, and how he saw Niagara Falls from every possible angle, as well as sharing the place where you can find the real Canada.

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View an example of a robo-debt letter.