'Deeksie' and Leon present Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 28

No one knows aged care like Louise Biti, and she joins the team to discuss ageing at home.

Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 28

Welcome to the first episode of Mind Your Own Retirement in 2020. It’s the first episode for the year and the first time Leon joins John as co-host.

Our first guest of the year is William Jolly from Savings.com.au. who comes in to talk about a new digital platform that promises to revolutionise the banking industry. It’s called neobanking, and William explains how easy they are to use, how they can help to better manage your money, how safe they are, which of these new banks to consider using and how you might benefit from this new form of banking.

Find out more about neobanking at Savings.com.au and follow Savings.com.au on Facebook.

No one knows aged care like Louise Biti, and she joins the team to discuss ageing at home, including the resources available to you to help you age in place, as well as the hurdles that may prevent you from maintaining your independence and ageing where you want to.

Louise’s new book Don’t panic: Age the Way You Want, Where You Want contains all you need to know about aged care and we’ve got some copies to give away.

Look out for Louise’s new book Don’t panic: Age the Way You Want, Where You Want. Visit Aged Care Steps or follow them on Twitter

Penny Watson gets on the phone to talk about what will be a big travel trend in 2020 and the subject of her new book – Slow Travel. She reveals exactly what slow travel is, the best destinations to ‘get your slow on’ and just how easy it is to be enlightened by culture and experience more of your next destination.

Buy Slow Travel, visit Penny’s website for more great travel articles, or follow her on Facebook


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    5th Jan 2020
    Shame on Yourlife Choices for promoting this advertising drivel or should I say Dribble from Louise Biti. Headline: Aged care at home. Read More:!

    Well I read more of the drivel, getting totally lead by the nose down the advertising garden path!. Where did she get her experience? There is nothing I've read that says she knows jack diddle about aged care in the home, unless you buy her book, then all will be revealed.

    Advertising, Advertising and more advertising. YLC should be roundly and soundly condemned for this splurge. How much did she pay you guys?

    Not one word about the problems faced by retirees whose personal lives and way of living suddenly change because of many factors and changes to lifestyle. What are the options aged retirees face and how will they interact. Why is the government pushing aged care at home? What section of the aged population can do with aged home care and what proportion can't. What about retiree's renting properties, would they be better off in an aged care facility? How much does it cost. What are the mechanics of aged care at home, and how does this work? What modifications to the accommodation are essential for aged care at home? What restrictions does DHS impose on applicant's? How does the funding work and who pays what?

    These are some of the questions I thought Ms. Biti would address, without the need to buy her book. I bet she knows bugger all about the intricacies involved and is just preying on the retired gullible. What she doesn't yet know is that the majority of retirees are not gullible, they may become physically infirm, but the majority have razor sharp minds that could wrap Ms. Biti's experience around their little finger.

    In fact I would like to open a discussion on aged care be it at home or an aged care facility. I also challenge Ms. Biti to publicly state her credentials and experience, and I will state mine. Then people can decide who knows what they're talking about.

    I will offer my advice for free.
    5th Jan 2020
    JoJozep, well done because I wasn’t sure if anyone actually listened to these podcasts. I gave up months ago as I found them too self serving.
    5th Jan 2020
    Good on you, JoJozep, well said. Your questions are spot on!

    The article intimated that there was really valuable info available for the reader.
    There wasn't. The word misrepresentation comes to mind.
    We are just so sick of being seen as advertisers' fodder.

    YLC, If you acceot the advertisers' money you should offer us readers something of real value.
    If you continue to sell your integrity to the advertisers you will lose our trust.
    7th Jan 2020
    Thanks. An interesting program (the first time I've listened). I didn't know anything about mobile phone banking and I'll keep my ears pricked to learn more about these new online banks. I had a look at the website for aging-in-place options and thought it was interesting. I'd love to have a copy of the book 'Don't Panic'. If I don't get one via this comment, I'll have a look at it in Dymocks. Our household has already made use of a mix of privately-funded and government-funded home care and the basic info on the third phase website seemed a good quick overview. I like the concept of slow travel and it validated my preference for going to one place and experiencing it without the mad rush to 'tick off on a list' all the things one could do there.
    Thanks. I'll listen again to your podcast, when the topics interest me.

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