Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 29

Deeksie and Kaye give us a glimpse into their “wild” New Year’s Eves and explain why their new year’s resolutions don’t include sky diving or learning to ride a bike.

Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 29

In episode 29 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie and Kaye give us a glimpse into their 'wild' New Year’s Eves and explain why their new year’s resolutions don’t include sky diving or learning to ride a bike.

Kaye then shares the surprising results of the recent YourLifeChoices Retirement Income Review Survey, in which over 5000 members shared their real concerns and feelings about retirement and government support. She reveals the shocking discrepancies between the government’s recent retirement income review and the survey findings.

Troy Waite, the regional manager of customer value and development at Apia, shares 20 years of knowledge working with Australia’s leading over-50s insurance specialists. He tells us about their partnership with the Heart Foundation, 'Steppin Out', and the social and physical benefits of walking.

Click here to find out more about Apia.

Our very own “travel guy” sums up our members' favourite articles of 2019, including where you can get a Michelin grade meal for $6 and the best kept secrets across Australia and New Zealand.


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    12th Jan 2020
    There is far too much "padding" in these episodes with much babble within !! The useful info probably makes about 5% of the content !!
    12th Jan 2020
    I agree. Does anyone actually listen to them right through to the end?
    13th Jan 2020
    I also agree. Rather read and cut out padding. Is the script available?
    14th Jan 2020
    Agree - no longer interested as always goes way off track.
    12th Jan 2020
    And me too. If I want chatter, I can get on a bus.

    Perhaps some lonely souls want the sound of a human voice, but I would prefer you put the guts of anything into print where I can read foe myself.
    12th Jan 2020
    Too much chatter and not enough good meaty useful info.
    12th Jan 2020
    I would prefer to read content. Thanks
    12th Jan 2020
    Did not even bother, bet ya Govt says you have enough $$$ and pensioners say bullsheeet..

    When is this country going to stop screwing pensioners over.....
    12th Jan 2020
    I agree, by the time they get to the point I just switch off,it gets boring
    12th Jan 2020
    Never bothered to watch but agree that written info is better. Time it was canned.
    Returned Serviceman..
    12th Jan 2020
    Sounds like the Government is not the only one not listening put it in print seems to be the consensus.
    13th Jan 2020
    Rather harsh criticism for people who are just trying to do their jobs, but having said that, I agree having listened to just one podcast.
    14th Jan 2020
    I just cancelled my online subscription ($5 US pm) to Pocket, a good source online of many diverse subjects. Mainly because I have a 'filed' backlog of so many items, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes reading. Also it is slightly (?) US oriented. I continue to subscribe to an excellent AUSTRALIAN online site called The Conversation ($10 A pm). Excellent articles from excellent sources predominantly INDEPENDENT Australian. Worth a look at their Facebook site to gain a good insight to what is offered. The Conversation, check it out and see what you think :) Happy New Year to all and send best wishes and thoughts (and a spare dollar) to those folk fighting and impacted by the horrific bushfires ravaging OUR country.
    14th Jan 2020
    p.s. I should have mentioned that the $10A pm to The Conversation is to assist in the operation of the service and is voluntary, you can view it for free ;) The cancelled subs to Get Pocket is now going, with whatever else I can spare every month, to Bushfire Relief orgs.
    old frt
    16th Jan 2020
    Have to agree , go back to print. Have tried twice to listen but too much fill .

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