Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 33

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John and Kaye kick things off with a discussion with two recently retired fellows, former YourLifeChoices director David Fallick and his publisher pal Jeff Patchell.

Both of these blokes have hung up the boots – well, one boot each it seems, as both are semi-retired and today share their thoughts on the next big stage of their lives.

Next in we have David Helmers from the Australian Men’s Shed Association, in to talk about how the Men’s Shed organisations supports retired men, by giving them something to do with their hands and offering social and emotional support.

And Dr Ross Snow from the Australian Urology Associates discussed ‘down there’, including how to maintain good prostate health, manage erectile dysfunction and the most common health issues men face in their later years.

About David Fallick

After 32 years as a founder and director of Indigo Arch Publishing, parent company of YourLifeChoices, David has stepped aside so as to more fully indulge in some of his other interests. Prior to Indigo Arch, he strove long and hard to fail accounting three times, spent two years in the grey-funnel line, worked in ad sales on consumer magazines for all the major Australian publishers and, forty years ago, moved from his native Sydney to Melbourne for a “couple of months”. However, without doubt, his greatest achievements are a 37-year marriage to Kaye and being blessed with three wonderful offspring!

About Jeff Patchell

After 34-years of running his own publishing business, Jeff has over the past six months moved into semi-retirement mode.

He still has one leg in the business a couple of days a week for a while longer – and most every other hour has been spent painting and renovating the family home, something he always promised his wife Jenny he’d do.

He is now exploring his options and interests to plan his next 20 years, break the 9-5 office routine and throw out the paint brushes.

About David Helmers

Learn more about the Australian Men’s Shed Association at www.mensshed.org or email [email protected]

About Dr Ross Snow

Mr Ross Snow has been a consultant urologist in Melbourne for more than 30 years. He has a strong interest in all aspects of prostate cancer and has actively contributed to ongoing debate surrounding the screening and management of this condition. Mr Snow was the President of the Urologic Society of Australasia in 2006


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    Just to echo previous comments I have seen in past weeks, these podcasts are largely a waste of time with far too much inane chit-chat and padding. A text version would be easier to skip through. I don’t know of anyone making a habit of listening to these podcasts which at most contain about 10 minutes of useful information. I have only tried 2 others and came to the same conclusion.

  2. 0

    These podcasts are a total waste of time. They don’t offer much real information and the “chatty” tone is condescending and inappropriate. Most people in this demographic don’t want to listen to podcasts with a lot of senseless padding. Please go back to high quality articles provided in written form.

  3. 0

    A good suggestion for your next Survey YLC, find out how many people actually enjoy these podcasts. Save yourselves the bother, and just have a gabfest somewhere

  4. 0

    Never watched them

  5. 0

    I find many of the topics on Your Life Choices very helpful and interesting (eg health and travel) but I have only listened to one podcast and agree with the comments that they are time-wasting with too much waffle. I would much prefer a text version so that I can quickly get to the point of what the topic is all about. In any case I think six days a week is enough for YourLife Choices. After all, retirement is so busy !!

  6. 0

    Yes I prefer a text version too

  7. 0

    I enjoy the Podcasts, I listen to them on my iPhone with the earbuds on as I go walking every day. I fink John Deeks one of the funniest people alive, love his quips and sense of humour. I do agree I would love to see a transcript of the podcast to visualise what I’ve been listening to but hope they don’t stop broadcasting.

  8. 0

    I am Deaf – so these podcasts are of ZERO use to me. Your Life Choices is discriminating against the deaf like me by not providing a transcript!!
    I have informed them of this problem a couple of times but they have not made any change to assist those of us who are hard of hearing or deaf (1:4 of us Seniors!).
    They said the information is provided in other articles they have but how do I know I am not missing something?? And how do I go about finding those other articles with that detail?



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