Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 39

This week’s podcast of Mind Your Own Retirement we have a great round of interviews with money man Graham Hand, Katherine Droga to discuss wellness travel and The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Dr Harry Nespolon.

Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 39

It’s episode 39 of Mind Your Own Retirement, and today we’ve got a cracking podcast for you.

John and Kaye kicks things off talking to money man Graham Hand. He’s the finance guru behind www.firstlinks.com.au – and today he reveals the three biggest investment mistakes you can make as well as how you can make better money decisions.

Visit FirstLinks for a free newsletter that can help you make better money decisions, or follow FirstLinks on Facebook.

Next is the president of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Dr Harry Nespolon, who explains why you should be wary of what you see on social media – especially now – and where you can turn to find factual information.

Learn more about The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Katherine Droga joins the team to discuss wellness travel and why it should be of particular interest to retirees.

Learn more about the Wellness Tourism Summit taking place on 3 and 4 September. 

So join us for half an hour of fun, facts and essential finance and retirement tips!

Transcript: Firstlinks - The three biggest investment mistakes
Transcript: Royal Australian College of General Practitioners - Be wary of what you see on social media
Transcript: Accor - Wellness tourism Seminar


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Pass the Ductape
22nd Mar 2020
Be wary of what you see on social media? Love to but where is the article?
22nd Mar 2020
I'm looking for it too.
22nd Mar 2020
I bought a pair of Bermuda shorts once but they disappeared.
22nd Mar 2020
Golden Oldie
22nd Mar 2020
Saw the different discussions and found that they discuss shares as Time in the Market, and recovery over 10+ years. It took my superannuation fund 12 years to get back to the value after the GFC. That was last year. At my age, late 70's, I don't have that time. OK for people investing for 30 or 40 years. I can anticipate that my allocated pension from super will decrease drastically for next year if only the minimum is a provided.
22nd Mar 2020
Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you read.
On the Ball
22nd Mar 2020
"All roads lead to Rome" And:
All links lead here. It their way of forcing their retirement blogs down your throat.
The title SHOULD read: "Beware what you read on the internet."
23rd Mar 2020
4th mistake. Listening to so called financial advisors.
26th Mar 2020
What is happening here. Click on link in email and go this page with article.

"Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 39"

Noticed it said meeting place so go their


Still not their.
30th Apr 2020
I have a lot of great demands so much suffering to research the book research. Others often ask Wikipedia editors for hire, but also try to improve their research skills given the importance of professional life. Common practice is good, at the use of the research to the enterprise recklessly further.

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