Don’t be fooled when buying plane tickets in bulk …

Don’t be fooled when buying plane tickets in bulk! Here’s how to get the best deal.

Money-saving travel ticket trick

If you’re purchasing plane tickets in bulk and attempting to get the cheapest possible deal, you should probably consider this new hack.

Have you ever seen an airline deal that says, ‘two seats left for $99’ and you think that by purchasing four tickets, you can get two of them at the lower price?

Well, you’re probably wrong and you can end up paying full price for all four of your tickets, leaving those two $99 tickets for someone else.

This is because the airline will recognise that there aren’t four cheaper tickets available and will therefore default and charge you full price when buying tickets in bulk.

While buying in bulk may vary from airline to airline, it is best to buy each ticket individually, running your credit card a few times rather than making one major purchase.

You could grab those two seats for $99 and put that extra cash into your actual holiday.



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    6th Jan 2018
    Funny that $99 dollar fares on special should come up. Tiger Air advertised a boxing day special with $99 dollar specials a couple of weeks ago ONE WAY , my son visiting from the east jumped on it, online, booking the 4th January a Thursday , to go back.
    When he got the conformation it was the 4th alright , but a Friday and in MAY!!!

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE , my wife and him booked it double checked everything and it WAS FOR THIS JANUARY. And a Thursday not a Friday. Absolutely.
    When he rang to find out what had happened he could not speak to anyone in Australia , even ringing the Brisbane HQ from WA, he got the Philippines.
    The call centre would not even flinch at changing it , or had any records they could check to get information from, about it.
    He could not get any satisfaction from any other calls he made, we even tried the Virgin parent company . Then Tiger wanted a huge amount more of money to change the fare to Jan 4th, plus an $85 dollar, fee to change it!!!
    The booking was genuine from our side and the 4th Jan 2018 is exactly what they booked , there was no mistake.
    This was Tiger air, not a hacker or scammer, it was TIGER AIR. We cannot get his $99 BACK , nor the extra ten dollars for booking , and the flight sits there for no one on the 4th of MAY.
    So forget criminals hammering you with impossibilities , TIGER AIR ARE AS BAD AS ANY CROOK.
    6th Jan 2018
    Yes but it was TIGERAIR!
    6th Jan 2018
    Get onto the bank and cancel the credit card transaction.
    6th Jan 2018
    You can also contact Airline Customer Advocate.
    7th Jan 2018
    Don't buy the Trackr it is all Hoo-Haa... read the trackr reviews before u buy one.
    8th Jan 2018
    Tiger Air
    The worst possible airline! They are cheap by nature and just NEVER go near them.

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