Top seven items most commonly stolen from hotels

Do you know which are the items most commonly stolen from hotels?

hotel towels

Admit it. You’ve thought about packing that plush robe into your suitcase, and most of us have taken home some soap or shampoo. But you may be surprised by the other items commonly stolen from hotels.

I’ve done a bit of scouring around the internet and, apart from the shampoo and soaps (because they’re supposed to be taken home, right?), here are the items most commonly stolen from hotel rooms.

1. Towels and linen
Hotel towels are generally quite nice, so it’s no surprise that they’re the most commonly stolen item. But I’m not sure I can get my head around the bed linen. I mean, wouldn’t it be obvious that it’s missing? And the number or people who have slept on it beforehand. Yuck!

2. Silverware
Well, some of it is quite nice, and I suppose if you’re staying in a fancy hotel that actually has silverware, well, what’s a missing spoon or two?

3. Remote control batteries
Batteries are expensive! It’s a bit of a mongrel act though, leaving a remote sans battery for the next poor blighter who rents the room. Still, steal six batteries and you’ve shaved $10 off your room fee!

4. Tea bags and other ‘free’ condiments
Taking the tea bags, coffee satchels, sugar packages and any other ‘free’ condiments is a must, isn’t it? I know I’ve been guilty of popping the odd Twinings tea bag or coffee satchel into my satchel.

5. Artwork
Again, this one is kind of obvious. But I suppose, to housekeeping, one room looks exactly like the next and unless there’s a tell-tale square on the wall where the painting used to be, it’s probably pretty simple to pack a piece into your bag … if you have a big enough bag.

6. Pillows/cushions
Hotel pillows and cushions are pretty comfy and usually of a very high quality. So, squashing one into your suitcase may not be so surprising and will discount around $100 from your room fee.

7. Robes and slippers
One of the things most travellers look forward to when they get into a room is unpacking their bag, adorning themselves in those lovely, plush hotel robes and popping their tootsies into those soft slippers. Most hotels have a clear sign that says guests will be charged for stealing the robes, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

We should say that we don’t condone the stealing of goods from hotels, especially if you want to keep the cost of accommodation down. If you like something in your room, you could always ask the front desk if it’s for sale or where you may be able to purchase it?

Have you ever taken anything from a hotel room that you weren’t supposed to take? Why not share your ‘heist’ with our members? We promise we won’t dob on you!



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    Ted Wards
    21st Aug 2017
    They do charge your credit card for stolen items like robes etc. Not for the tea etc. Most people dont actually check their statements
    Nan Norma
    21st Aug 2017
    You have paid for the tea and shampoo etc so they are yours. I take the shampoos etc home to pass on to the homeless. Taking anything else is stealing.
    21st Aug 2017
    When you pay for a room you are paying for the room. The Tea, Coffee etc is for your use whilst you are in the room, Not for you to take home along with light bulbs, toilet paper, cutlery, glasses, TV remotes etc. Yes I did own a motel and what people would take was just beyond what any reasonable thinking person could possibly think that they were entitled to. Yes we did charge peoples credit cards, but only after calling them to ask for return of the towels or robes etc. No we did not on-charge for the tea and coffee or toilet paper etc when they were taken, just for the major thefts and damage. Peoples sense of entitlements outstrips common sense.
    The Bronze Anzac
    21st Aug 2017
    I personally own a Strata Hotel room run by a Management Company that charges all guests for CONSUMABLES in their room cost, irrespective of their use in part or in total. All CONSUMABLES, such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, toilet soap, toilet rolls, etc, are included in the total room costs, as part of the room cleaning costs. The guest(s) pay for them, so they are legally theirs, & what is not used can be taken. Other than CONSUMABLES, anything else taken by a guest that has not been paid for, is classified as theft.

    21st Aug 2017
    yes - take the kettle, microwave, iron and hairdryer too while youre at it !
    21st Aug 2017
    I stayed in an upmarket hotel that had the mini bar so full of stuff that I couldnt fit my own stuff in. I moved some of their stuff to make room for my own food, then on leaving replaced their stuff. I was charged for everything in the minibar, because if an item was moved a sensor recorded it as being taken. You just cant win
    21st Aug 2017
    happened to me at the Intercontinental on Park Lane London

    i emailed the bastards and told them if they do not reverse the charge I will be getting me bank to issue a charge-back
    took them a week but they did it

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