Travel Gadget: you’ll never be given fake money again

This simple but effective gadget will ensure you won’t be bankrolled on your next trip.

Never be given fake money again

Having travelled on almost a fortnightly basis this year it takes a bit to make me sit up and listen when it comes to travel gadgets. But that’s exactly what this one did.

You would be forgiven for not realising that the issue of fake bank notes is more real and common than you think. Having been a victim this year, I can say it’s almost impossible to know when you’re getting short changed. And often the realisation comes when you’re trying to pay with said fake notes only to have them refused.

Genius in its simplicity, the UV Mini Money Detector uses a highly sensitive magnetic sensor to identify security threads in bank notes. All you need to do is press the UV button to reveal the fluorescent patterns that appear on genuine euro, stirling and American dollar bank notes.

With the ability to detect all magnetic printing ink and security thread the detector is certified in Europe and complies with Restriction of Hazardous Substances rules.

Small enough to fit in your back pocket, the UV Mini Money Detector runs on batteries and comes with a lanyard so you can even wear it to ward off those bearing fake bank notes!

RRP: $51.00 from Harcor



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    Waiting to retire at 70
    13th Jan 2018
    What's "stirling"?
    13th Jan 2018
    The UK currency is often referred to as sterling.
    Polly Esther
    13th Jan 2018
    sterling silver is a high grade of silver
    pound sterling is United Kingdom currency
    Stirling is a town somewhere in or near Scotland
    In the above story ( ad ) 'stirling' is simply a 'typo '. ( in other words the typist accidentally hit the wrong button, it happens )
    13th Jan 2018
    Having travelled on almost a fortnightly basis this year

    Wow You must be very rich or have a sugar daddy
    14th Jul 2018
    When in the UK in 2013, our Australian bank notes were scanned to make sure they were legitimate. Still had some with us and was talking about the 'plastic' money we have here, as the UK notes were still paper. The barman scanned the note and said to us 'it's legit' and handed it back to us with a smile.

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