New weather forecast on the horizon

The BOM is changing the way it gives the weather forecast to consumers.

Weather forecasts will soon become easier to understand with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) changing the way it gives information to consumers. In a bid to make weather announcements simpler and clearer, the BOM has announced that it has revolutionised its system.  

With rainfall for each day predicted in percentages and millimetres, consumers will now get a stronger idea about whether they should pack their brollies before leaving the house. Terms such as ‘chance of rain’, ‘rain at times’ and ‘isolated showers’ could be replaced by the simpler terms – ‘slight’, ‘medium’, ‘high’ or ‘very high’ to mark the likelihood of rainfall.

National public weather manager Vernon Carr said of the old system, “We did some research with people and we found that some of the terms we used weren’t specific enough. Now we’re changing to what we hope will be a more meaningful presentation.”

The BOM was able to adopt this new change thanks to its new Meteye autographic information system.  Whereas some weather forecast websites and smartphone apps already offer rainfall information using the percentage and millimetre system, the modernising of the BOM’s technology makes it better-suited to meet consumers’ needs.

The new rain forecasts were implemented in Tasmania and Western Australia on Monday 6 October, with Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Queensland switching to the new format on Tuesday 7 October, and the Northern Territory on Wednesday and South Australia on tomorrow 9 October.

Read more at the Courier Mail.


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    Coachman on the box
    8th Oct 2014
    This is so unnecessary. Change for the sake of it.
    Polly Esther
    8th Oct 2014
    Why? why bother? These days forecasters and presenters mostly don't know what the weather is today, let alone what it will be tomorrow or in the near future. I think they use the string hanging out the window theory. Bring it indoors, feel it and if it is wet, predict rain. The only person who was a brilliant forecaster of weather and was very accurate that I know of was the late Inigo Jones. They would do better to study his ways of forecasting. In other words firstly get things right, and more importantly just leave the "fine print" alone
    8th Oct 2014
    Why in the world would they want to replace ‘chance of rain’, ‘rain at times’ and ‘isolated showers’ which is so descriptive with ‘slight’, ‘medium’, ‘high’ or ‘very high’ which means nothing ???

    Did somebody just get a promotion for that ??

    8th Oct 2014
    I forecast bright sunny days and blue skies ahead.

    No storms on the horizon at least until the next labor government gets in
    8th Oct 2014
    Actually they keep saying it will rain, and it never does, so most of us out west don't take any notice anyway....
    9th Oct 2014
    The predictions are important to me and may other others before we go fishing or decide to work in the garden.
    Even travel towing a caravan can be enhanced by knowing what the conditions are going to be like so we can set out early or not go until later.

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