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Want to hit the open road – well the $1 relocation deals for campervans mean it can be the most cost effective holiday you’ve had for a while.

How does it work? By keeping an eye on the relocation websites you can see the best deals and destinations as they appear. Or maybe follow them on Twitter so you are first to take advantage of these opportunities.

The reason they are so inexpensive is because the vans need to be returned to base after someone has had their holiday. That’s where you come in. Want to find out more?

If you have ever dreamed of heading off in a campervan to visit family or friends, or just wanted to explore Australia or New Zealand, $1 campervan relocations make it incredibly affordable, we even have two companies from which to choose!

Can you go on holiday at anytime and love the idea of hitting the open road? Then why not take advantage of a $1 campervan relocation, a great way of making travel affordable. Campervans are usually booked to be driven from A to B and from time to time they need to be relocated ready for the next pickup. Occasionally, companies need people to collect them.

Campervans from various locations across Australia and drive them to where they need them, giving you the opportunity to enjoy accommodation and car hire for only $1 per day (Please Note that you will need to pay for insurance charges you would if you were hiring a car).

These offers are updated randomly but regularly, so check every couple of days and grab yourself a cheap beak away. It is important to note that you cannot book these far in advance, only what is available on the website for the specific dates.

Start planning your next trip and see what Apollo have to offer.

Start planning your next trip and see what Stand By Relocs have to offer.

*Important* You are being given the keys to a vehicle that is worth close to $50,000 depending on the type you are receiving. With this in mind, just like if you were staying in a hotel, a bond will need to be paid upfront that is fully refundable at the end of the trip if all conditions are met. This bond is approximately $1000. Further more you will need to pay a booking fee of $25 and a holding fee of $50-$100, which will be refunded on pick up.


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    17th Mar 2012
    The bond is usually taken as a credit card charge which is not processed and torn up when vehicle is returned.
    These deals also exist for rental cars.
    These relocation deals also have a timeframe in which you have to deliver the vehicle.
    i.e. if it is a Melbourne / Brisbane trip, you would probably get a time frame of 3 days and then you have to make your own arrangements to get home or keep travelling.
    22nd Aug 2012
    This sounds like a fantastic idea in theory, but has anybody on here actually tried this plan?
    A few months ago a close friend of mine died in Brisbane. I particularly wanted to attend the funeral & I thought it was an ideal time to visit old friends on the way back to Sydney. I contacted one of the Companies in Brisbane, that specialises in these one way relocations. I booked a van, paid the various fees including the $1000 bond & the booking fee. I flew to Brisbane & went to the closest railway station in Brisbane & paid $17 taxi to pick up the van only to be told that they had rented the van. I turned on a bit of a ruckus & was told to read the conditions of the relocation. My money was returned, but I was up for another taxi, back to the station & a short notice air fare back to Sydney. Not impressed Jane. Never again.
    23rd Jan 2013
    Hi all, My wife and I had a good experience with a relocation of a Mercedes motorhome for Maui/Britz, from Adelaide to Perth which was an area we hadn't travelled in Aus. The allowed time was six days. We booked an extra day at the nominal rate which was available within the schedule for re-booking of the vehicle. This gave us a bit of extra time for visiting certain areas (Eyre Penninsula, Wave Rock, Hyden, Kalgoorlie). We pre-planned our trip in terms of approx. travelling distances (average per transfer is 500km/day), but we did not pre-book 'van park sites. The 'our cost' part included- flights to Adelaide + back home from Perth, plus the insurance/s + bond-(refunded) + hire of linen, pillows & blankets + breakfasts (box of essentials purchased in Adelaide), lunches & dinners + additional fuel. M/Br attached an allowance of $210 for fuel which we claimed using receipts at the Perth office on drop-off. Maui/Britz at Adelaide was very busy on the morning of pick up. We had to wait for other p/ups to get on their way before our vehicle was ready - 4 hours. M/Br compensated us for being patient by waiving our extra day's vehicle hire - happy with that. Thx. The vehicle and trip were both great (March 2010). We hope this assist anyone who is flexible with travelling at short notice and is considering a 'reloc'. T & N.
    22nd Feb 2013
    I agree with robby, this is a great (in theory) except that the fees were taken from our credit card (in NZ) and not only did this leave us short on funds, when we returned the vehicle the amount was not immediately returned to our account. They took it out in a few seconds, but could not, or would not, return it in the same time. The company wanted my husband to sign a form to say that we had received our credit back, which I would not allow him to do. We had to wait until we returned to Australia and then go to the Brisbane office to have this sorted out. It really made us decide to never again go down this road again. I'm sure other people have had positive experinces. This was on a normal hire.
    10th Jul 2013
    We also had a bad experience with Apollo Campervans. Took one of their relocation deals from Brisbane to Melbourne.
    We arrived to pick the campervan up at 9.30 am. We didn't leave the depot until midday as they did not have enough staff to cope with all the overseas tourists wanting campervans.
    They took the $1000 bond out of our account plus an extra $20 for using our credit card. (most hire places just put a hold on the money, Apollo took it out 2 days after we dropped the campervan off!!) It took over a month for them to refund the bond, although their terms and conditions say up to 15 working days. This in spite of my phoning and emailing to ask where the refund was. Also took them the same amount of time to pay our fuel rebate of $50 which was supposed to be paid to us on delivery of the campervan.
    They then deducted $76 for admin charges for tolls, which we had arranged to be charged to our GoVia toll account. Apollo advised that this would be refunded when we provided proof that the tolls had been paid. We did this a month ago and are still waiting for this to be paid back to us. They initially advised that it had been refunded, but now say it is "being processed"
    I would never use Apollo Motorhomes again, they are rip off merchants.
    When we dropped the campervan off in Melbourne there were 43 other vehicles there and we were advised that they were all hired out from the next day. Imagine that, $1000 bond x 43, interest on $43,000 for a month from when they are returned!!
    27th Aug 2013
    Agreed!! Do not do a relocation with Apollo
    i lost 1000 plus australian dollars as well as damafe insurance for a tiny dent scrape on a bumper from a kangaroo.okay admittedly the kangaroo did come from nowhere but the damage caused was nowhere near the value of the fuel receipts. When i booked this relocation they told me any damage they keep the deposit..that was fine..not the fuel receipts as well! I went all.of the way across australia for them yes continuous driving because i had three days only to reach destination!
    Do not trust them.had i been told.this when booked would.never have done such a long.trip in.such a short timeframe that was required
    two thousand dollars gone..
    Pass the Ductape
    18th Jan 2014
    Hmmmm....seems like from the majority of these comments, Apollo campervans in particular; plus the scheme itself aren't worth the effort. As always - if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.
    2nd Sep 2014
    Beware of Low Bridges !!
    7th Feb 2016
    Yeh,the one at Montague Street south Melbourne.
    Saw a $250,000 fith wheeler destroyed after a poor soul arrived from the Tassie ship and wasn't familiar with Melbourne.
    5th Feb 2014
    I have seen these offers before and i have done research because i was really interested in the idea ,but after reading posts not only on here but other forums decided that it was definitely a case of BEWARE .Obviously the author in this case hasn't done the research that we people have. I think we all should be very cautious now of what we read on this site
    7th Jun 2014
    Had a bad experience with Apollo recently. Had booked a relocate van Bris to Darwin including extra days for us to do some sightseeing on the way - wouldn't have booked the van without this extra time. My husband had booked and paid airfares back home to Bris. Then, after having set it all up, the company called, without a word of apology, to say the van's not available after all on the agreed date but for the much shorter period of time which would have meant solid driving from A to B - effectively an expensive delivery job.
    17th Aug 2014
    My friend & I used APOLLO in America. The Navigation tool wouldn't work properly which you definitely need in another country anyway. When I showed them this when we returned the Manager said we would have to go & see the Brisbane office when we got back to Australia, as I wanted some sort of compensation. It turned out to be all too hard. We wouldn't travel with them again either. As people have noticed, the time you are allocated to bring a vehicle back is usually unrealistic.
    21st Sep 2014
    I might suggest that the unrealistic time frame is dangerous AND is a well planned and regular way of getting extra money out of people.

    They would obviously know how many hours you would need to drive to meet a certain deadline and, like some trucking companies, force the drivers into doing illegal speeding when over-tired. Report them to transport authorities!!!!
    26th Dec 2015
    One highly recommended policy with any hire or relocation of vehicles or campervans following complaints against a major car rental company (not any of the ones listed in the article) about alleged damage done during transit is detailed below.

    The hirer of a rental car had money deducted on the return of the vehicle supposedly for some minor panel damage as well as damage to a seat and a cigarette burn in the upholstery of a seat. It was later proved that this damage was already done to the vehicle prior to the hirer taking delivery of the hire car and the money deducted for the damage was refunded.

    It is therefore highly recommended that before accepting the vehicle, you go over it preferably with someone from the company and record any damage and if you have a camera phone or camera, take photos of any damage to show that the damage already existed and you would not be responsible when the vehicle reached its destination or returned from hire.
    11th Apr 2018
    A few places do this actually. If you're in Melbourne then a place like RoadTrek will price match it, so try that out if you'd like http://www.roadtrek.com.au/ . Otherwise call your local place and see if they offer a service like this too, its really not that rare

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