Charlie Sheen 'cleared' of HIV

Actor Charlie Sheen may be ‘HIV-free’ but he faces legal action.

Charlie Sheen cleared of HIV

While scientists seeking a cure for HIV/Aids have announced that a drug designed to combat alcoholism may be the key, actor Charlie Sheen has declared that he’s ‘HIV-free’.

In a tell-all interview conducted with Today show host Matt Lauer overnight, Sheen revealed that he had been HIV-positive for more than two years but after treating the disease with medication, his latest blood tests reveal it is now “undetectable” in his system.

“I release myself from this prison today,” he said.

The 50-year-old actor had reportedly known about this condition for a year, but chose to keep it secret. He told Lauer that he had paid out “millions” to some “unsavoury types” to keep their silence, but in the end, his trust was broken and the story was circulated through media channels.

When Lauer asked whether it was possible Sheen had passed on the disease, knowingly or unknowingly, to another partner, Sheen replied that it was “impossible”. He also stated that he had informed every sexual partner of his condition, including his ex-wives Denise Richards, and Brooke Mueller. He stated he had no knowledge of his condition for a year, as he did not have any symptoms.

However, the infamous womaniser, who has bragged about sleeping with over 5000 women, now faces legal action. He has been contacted by several former partners who claim they had no knowledge of his HIV status. There are also reports that police will investigate the matter of whether Sheen knowingly slept with women while being HIV-positive.

It isn’t yet known what drugs Sheen was supposedly taking for his illness.

Meanwhile, scientists say a drug called Antabuse, known generically as disulfiram, may provide other HIV-positive patients with hope. The results of a trial, which were published in The Lancet HIV journal on Monday, tested the drug on 30 HIV-positive patients in Australia and the US. It was discovered that “dormant HIV was activated” with the use of Antabuse.

The scientists also say that activating the virus in dormant cells will prove necessary to destroying it, but they are yet to find the most effective combination of drugs. 

Read more at The Guardian

Opinion: Three sides to any story

When it comes to Charlie Sheen, I’m probably as far removed from being a fan as you’ll meet.

This is a man who has repeatedly made terrible choices in life: drinking and taking drugs to excess (resulting in a stroke after overdosing on cocaine in 1998); being arrested for assaulting his former wife, Brooke Mueller in 2009 and being known as one of Hollywood’s most notorious womanisers.

To me, men like Sheen are representative of the excess of wealth and ego that we know exists in Hollywood. If I were the type to believe in karma (which I’m not) this news, sadly, wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Still, it must have been terrible for him when he was first diagnosed with HIV. Where might his thoughts have gone in the days following? What would he have feared? But my sympathies are with those he shared intimacies with prior to the discovery.

In California, it’s a crime to hide your HIV status, and Sheen could be facing criminal charges and possible jail time if the allegations turn out to be true.

Medical break-throughs happen every day. The discovery that the Antabuse drug could be instrumental in treating HIV is promising. I hope that it benefits many HIV patients and the disease can one day be eliminated altogether. But it can only happen if those currently infected don’t continue to spread it.

In Hollywood, as in life, there are three sides to every story: your side, their side and the truth. It’s too early to know whether Sheen did knowingly expose women to HIV, but his track record of making bad decisions doesn’t weigh in his favour. We will just have to wait and find out what comes of this story in the next few months.

Were you surprised to learn Charlie Sheen was HIV-positive? What’s your opinion on what might happen with this case? Was he wrong to conceal his condition for so long?


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    18th Nov 2015
    you make the bed and the rest is history!
    18th Nov 2015
    Honestly you would have to be brain dead to be intimate with Charlie and not use protection, by his own account he has 'slept' with scores of women. The possibility of him having some sort of STD is extremely high. Being a 'star' doesn't confer immunity upon him, of course if he knew and didn't disclose his status he should be accountable but so should the bimbos he played around with, possibly excluding his wives as they would have a reasonable expectation that he was faithful in a monogamous relationship.

    18th Nov 2015
    Why does this rate as newsworthy? A professed male slut in the sleazy U.S. entertainment industry gets a severe dose of a particularly bad STD, because he's had unprotected sex involving orifices not designed for sex, with hundreds of people??
    Give me a break! - give me some newsworthy news, and stop giving these entertainment exhibitionists the constant exposure they crave.
    Give me some news about selfless, news-shy people helping other people who are down, to get back up again.
    These people in the U.S. entertainment industry deserve no newstime whatsoever, they are paid ten thousand times their true worth, and in the final washup of the Earths history, their contributions to society will be measured in grains of dust.
    One "widows mite" of the Biblical parable will be worth more than the total contribution of the U.S. entertainment industry, at the end of time.
    18th Nov 2015
    Aaron, is that a grain of dust you have between your two fingers?
    Polly Esther
    18th Nov 2015
    Yes Aaron, not only well said but said well.
    Mr Sheen, (sounds like an ad for furniture polish) even now is playing up for the camera and holding out his hands for the 'green backs'.
    18th Nov 2015
    I only give him 2 and a 1/2 out of Ten too !
    18th Nov 2015
    Charlie is a "sleeze".

    ARRON - I have wanted to know for ages now, is that the devine Mr Richard Gere, you are using for your photo?????
    19th Nov 2015
    Dizzy - No, that's really me, I just look very much like that divine Mr Gere. Our likeness is just amazing, and I regularly get mistaken for him! [;-)

    18th Nov 2015
    "Typhoid Charlie" of the entertainment industry. You don't get that from toilet seats.
    18th Nov 2015
    What a surprise! NOT!! In these times one would have to be a fool to have unprotected sex with anyone, let alone with a well-known womaniser and drug user! As to his claim that his body is now HIV free, well I'd take that with a HUGE grain of salt. I know many with HIV who have been undergoing treatment for years following a wide range of the latest regimens yet still are not clear, I seriously doubt that this man is free after such a short time.
    18th Nov 2015
    "Was he wrong to conceal his condition for so long?" Conceal from who? The public? The media? What right has any of these to his medical records? people diagnosed with HIV have the legal right to confidentiality and in almost all situations, are under no obligation to tell others of their diagnoses. In Australia there are very few situations where someone must disclose their HIV status and the law differs from State to State. Equally if you discover the HIV status of someone, by law you cannot disclose your knowledge without their consent. There are penalties for doing so. So the only people who had any right to knowledge of Mr Sheen's HIV status were those with whom he engaged in sexual activity. Provided he disclosed his status beforehand, no crime has been committed. It is highly possible that Mr Sheen had no knowledge or suspicion of HIV infection for a considerable period of time after transmission. This is not unusual. He cannot be prosecuted for engaging in unprotected and uninformed sexual activity during the period between when he was infected and his diagnoses even if that was months or even years duration.

    The whole point of treatment of HIV with antiretroviral medication (usually a combination of two or three drugs) is to reduce the HIV viral load to undetectable levels. This means the virus cannot be detected in the blood. Mr Sheen's claim of being "HIV free" is simplistic and overstating the reality which is once infected, you cannot at this time, be considered 'free' of infection. Undetectable viral load however, is unlikely to transmit the virus although of course it is possible and precautions in connection with sexual activity (and other possible blood to blood or body fluid contact) should be maintained.

    The main problem for Mr Sheen, is that you can now expect a fair percentage of those 5000 women to see this as an opportunity to cash in on their promiscuity by suing him claiming he did not disclose his HIV status to them. How can they prove that and how can he prove they are or are not telling the truth? It should also be noted that Mr Sheen has already claimed to have been blackmailed over this - at least one woman, after "spending the night" took photographs of his medication and threatened to go to the press unless he paid up. Mr Sheen paid!

    It should also be noted that people diagnosed with HIV who take their medication as prescribed live perfectly healthy normal life spans. HIV is now considered a chronic disease that people live with. Many are now reaching old age and die of something unrelated to the HIV virus. Few these days progress to AIDS which is not the same as the HIV virus.

    Frankly this public disclosure has only one outcome for Mr Sheen, hopefully it will prevent other opportunists blackmailing him over a health issue. For the wider community everyone now knows he has the HIV virus and can make their own informed decisions about what activities they may engage in with Mr Sheen without relying on him making the disclosure (although he must still do that in certain limited circumstances), and it shows that heterosexual men can still become infected - it is not now nor has it ever been restricted to gay men.

    Being morally reprehensible is not a criminal offense! But OH! How the media love it.
    18th Nov 2015
    Well I am miffed now! I just read an article hot off the press the sheen came out and admitted he is HIV, even his Ex is fuming about it.
    However it said that he does not have AIDS so, what is the truth?
    18th Nov 2015
    HIV and AIDS are NOT the same thing.

    HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Its a VIRUS NOT a disease. If left untreated, HIV can (but not always) lead to the disease AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

    AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. AIDS is the stage of infection that occurs when your immune system is badly damaged and you become vulnerable to very specific opportunistic infections (AIDS defining infections).

    So Mr Sheen has the HIV virus but he does NOT have AIDS. And because of the medication he is taking the virus is at undetectable levels. He still has the virus but it cannot be detected in his blood.
    18th Nov 2015
    Being HIV + for near 20 years, I thank you K S S . You got it spot on, its a pity more people don't avail themselves to this freely available information, instead of assuming things
    18th Nov 2015
    18th Nov 2015
    Spot on send him to Syria for a holiday
    18th Nov 2015
    Thank you KSS for clarifying the relevant information in regard to HIV/AIDS so well. I have worked as a Sexual Health Nurse for 20 years, most recently with large numbers of HIV clients. The headline intimates the actor has been cleared of HIV. This is very misleading and not at all the same as having an undetectable viral load. Currently HIV cannot be cleared as such, but will be reported as undetectable. The virus does, however, remain in dormant reservoirs in the body cells. I would have preferred a less sensational, more pertinent headline. I would strongly recommend writers of future articles on any sexual health matters check for correct information with a senior clinician at one of the many excellent clinics in Australia.
    18th Nov 2015
    HIV or not, thought he was great in Two And a Half Men. Hahaha
    Thanks KSS for very good explanation.
    19th Nov 2015
    He appeared great biddi,

    Because he was not acting --he was type cast
    19th Nov 2015
    IMO ANYONE that knowingly passes on any sickness -- or does not take steps to avoid -- needs to be severely dealt with.
    19th Nov 2015
    Karma caught up with Charlie and his gold digging "Angels" big time. A fate well deserved for the lot of them. Watching the "victims" whine and try to squeeze every drop of sympathy , publicity and cent out of stories sold to the ladies tabloid magazine is just as disgusting as any of Charlie's self indulgent antics.

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