Study links moderate alcohol consumption to improved health

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A new report published in Age and Ageing journal has drawn a correlation between moderate drinking and the reduction of frailty and cardiovascular disease in older adults.

The report, co-authored by Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, of the National Institute on Aging – part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), suggests that moderate alcohol consumption leads to reduced inflammation. Previous studies by the NIH found that levels of inflammation increase as we age, contributing to age-related frailty and illness.

Evidence drawn from a University of Central Florida (UCF) study of 3200 adults aged 65 and older revealed lower levels of inflammation in those that consumed moderate amounts of alcohol. The results also showed moderate drinkers were less frail than heavy drinkers or those who abstained from alcohol.

Further evidence was drawn from a Women’s Health Study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, which analysed the data of 26,000 adults. Moderate drinkers (1 glass of beer or wine a day) were found to be at a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, the study identified a 21 per cent reduction in inflammation markers in moderate drinkers compared with abstainers or occasional drinkers and a 13 per cent reduction when compared with heavy drinkers.


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Written by Drew

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    What is moderate drinking? Twenty Schooners a day should get rid of my inflamation and probably my wife, or well such is life.

  2. 0

    I’m not sure about articles like this but since I have been enjoying a couple of rums each afternoon, I have not had to take my anti-inflammatory medication. Coincidence?

  3. 0

    I would like to have a glass of wine at the evening meal but am allergic to the preservatives in it. The preservative increases my inflammatory levels & many people with inflammatory arthritis find alcohol itself in any quantity does too.

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      We buy very nice wines without the preservatives. My daughter likes everything organic so we go the organic, preservative free wine. The red we get is delicious.

      Ask your local bottle shop assistant to show you the options.

      A decent sized glass will work out at about $3 to $4 a day.

      Sometimes the specials will lower that price.

      Personally I love a nice gin and tonic to help me relax watching the sun set.

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      Try a brand of organic red wine called “Pig In The House”.It costs about $20 a bottle from Dan Murphys.It really is excellent.

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    I had hoped that not drinking alcohol but taking a daily bike ride and doing weight training as well as a healthy diet would allow me to age, but it seems that as a non drinker I will become frail. As I am only 83 I suppose I may have to cut down on my daily bike ride when I get old

  5. 0

    I s’pose a lot of poor sods would find it too much to take a daily tipple. After all, along with their daily pill intake then alcohol may well have detrimental effects and just as likely to become grumpy(er).

    If we’re to believe the report’s findings as beneficial to our well being then only one thing remains to be said – ‘bottoms up’. Ooarh ! I’d best be careful not to offend anyone so instead please read ‘cheers’.
    As Dr Henry Lindeman is recorded as saying, “the one purpose of wine is to bring happiness”.

  6. 0

    Well I spent about 25 years in the Gold Mining Industry around Kalgoorlie (G’day Roger), Leonora, Day Dawn etc , etc in WA back in the 70s,80s and 90s. In those days, a couple of hours at the local 6 nights a week was normal. That was 15 to 20 cans a night. These days 4 cans and a Red or 2 is normal and life goes on. At 76 years and aiming for a 100, who cares????? HIC.



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