Alcohol-related cancer study

Moderate alcohol consumption doubles risk of cancers.

Moderate consumption of alcohol over the long term can double a person’s chances of developing mouth and throat cancer, according to new research data.

The researchers from the Cancer Council of Victoria and the University of Melbourne came to this finding based on data that followed the drinking habits of 41,000 adults since the early 1990s. Moderate consumption was defined as an average life time consumption of four or more standard alcoholic drinks per day over an average lifetime, compared with drinking no alcohol at all.

Researchers are now appealing to Australians to limit their consumption of alcoholic drinks, warning people to stick to a two-drink maximum if they want to help reduce their cancer risk.

Craig Sinclair of the Cancer Council is concerned that many people still do not understand the risks of drinking alcohol over a life time. “We’ve known for quite a while that alcohol is associated with a ranger of cancers, including bowel, breast, mouth and throat”, he said.

However, Mr Sinclair said the new research is revealing, because it shows that “when people choose to drink alcohol over a lifetime, even at moderate levels – we’re taking about three to four standard drinks – it can more than double your risk of some cancers, in particular mouth and throat cancers.”

Another related problem is that people do not necessarily know what constitutes a standard drink. A poll conducted by the Cancer Council found that the majority of Victorians did not have an accurate understanding of what a standard drink is, with only 13 per cent of respondents knowing the number of standard drinks in a bottle of wine.

The council said that this lack of understanding could be responsible for people misjudging their alcohol consumption, putting themselves at a higher risk.



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    8th Jul 2015
    I always thought a standard drink was what you consumed that day or night.
    Have one on me.
    8th Jul 2015
    Its Political Correctness again ? Incomprehensible ?? But makes them think that they are clever and reforming the Unwashed ! :-)
    8th Jul 2015
    How Upta Tea and Coffee are next week ! Stay Tuned ! :-)
    The Bernster
    8th Jul 2015
    Of course the polluted air we breath, the processed food we eat (laced with preservatives and other chemicals) the stresses of modern day life, have no influence on this study.
    Why do people that never smoke get lung cancer! Studies show it must be the toilet paper they use. PLEASE
    8th Jul 2015
    Its all the rubbish they put in them to put the thing out when you light one !! :-) :-)
    Now back to your first sentence.. Crop Sprays, GM stuffed food,Diesel and car fumes, Sprays for everything you can think of Have no bearing on the results of the Scientific findings ! :-(

    8th Jul 2015
    For decades in California there have been signs at all stores which sell potable alcohol saying that over-consumption can cause cancer, but then they have warnings on just about everything that could be carcinogenic.
    Chris B T
    8th Jul 2015
    " Moderate consumption was defined as an average life time consumption of four or more standard alcoholic drinks per day over an average lifetime, compared with drinking no alcohol at all."
    If you can afford to Drink That Much, which is classed as moderate how much dose a average or heavy drinker consume and cost. Sounds like a lot of dollars being flushed down the toilet.
    I would have thought 4 standard drinks a week was moderate.
    8th Jul 2015
    At least a couple of hundred a week.
    8th Jul 2015
    I cant see anyone in this TAX MAD Country being able to afford to Drink anything but Creek water in their cupped hands ? :-)
    8th Jul 2015
    really two drinks a day we don't alcohol because were thirsty
    8th Jul 2015
    8th Jul 2015
    Mountainmen drink whisky and Rye.. Singing, "This'll be the day that I die ! :-)"
    fish head
    9th Jul 2015
    Seems to me that everything you do while alive has cancer risks and then you die.O joy, o bliss, no more risk of cancer.
    9th Jul 2015
    After an Expensive Extensive search Scientists discover Cancer is caused by Life ! :-(
    9th Jul 2015
    Moderate drinking - 4 or more glasses a day THAT is a bottle, I don't call that moderation. My husband has 2 glasses a night, probably 3 sometime 4 days a week and I THINK that is too much...but I will call that moderation :)

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