Animals you have to see to believe

Australia is home to some pretty large animals, but this collection of colossal creatures put our biggest beasties to shame. Some are so large you have to see them to believe they exist!

African Giant Snails can often grow eight inches long and live for about five to six years. They eat any vegetation and lay about 1200 eggs per year. Anyone for escargot?

Is it a dog? Is it a wolf? Whatever it is, I don’t fancy footing this furry fellow’s food bill!

At six feet, six inches tall and weighing over a tonne, Chilli the cow could probably feed milk to an entire village.

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This is the largest saltwater crocodile ever captured – it took 100 men three weeks to bring in this huge beast, which measures just under six-and-a-half metres in length.

Darius is the world’s tallest rabbit with a height of 1.32m. Pretty big, when you consider the average height of a rabbit is eight inches…

This has been documented as the biggest pig alive today – at a smidge under 900kg, it could certainly feed a fair few people.

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Giant Oarfish are very rarely sighted, but this one could hardly be missed. It took 15 people to get this marine monster off the ground.

Big Jake may well be the largest living horse in captivity, weighing 1180kg and standing 6 feet, 9 inches. Imagine copping a kick from this huge horsey!

Now, you’ve heard of flying foxes, but you may not have imagined one that is actually the size of a large fox. This Bismarck Flying Fox weighs about 2kg and has a wingspan of six feet.

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Speaking of wingspan, how about this Hercules Moth, which can spread its wings over 10 inches, giving it the largest surface area of any living insect. These behemoths are endemic to Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Goliath Frogs live in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and can grow up to 13 inches long and weigh about three-and-a-half kilos.

Coconut Crabs are called as such because they can crack coconuts with their whopping big claws. They can grow up to one metre long and weigh over 4kg.

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So you thought the crab was big. Well how about this Colossal Squid? It’s little wonder stories about the ‘Kraken’ came about when you see one of these monolithic marine monster on film. This one weighs about 770kg and is almost 50 feet long. Its eye is as big as a human head. Not something you like to come across whilst snorkelling, me thinks…

Did you know any of these creatures existed? Have you ever seen one firsthand?

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