Apple warns users of security flaw

Apple has warned iOS users to update their software immediately, because of a security vulnerability that allows hackers to take control of their device.

Apple has released an update with a critical patch that will help block potential hacking.

All iPhone, iPad and Mac computer users are being urged to download and install the iOS 10.3.3 update.

The vulnerability is called ‘Broadpwn’ and it allows hackers to ‘execute arbitrary code’, or in lay terms, take over your device, by exploiting wifi chips embedded in the device’s processor.

The affected wifi chips can be found in every Apple device from iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPads to the current models.

If your wifi is turned on, a hacker only needs to be in range to target your device. Even passcodes are not enough to protect you from being exploited.

The issue was also detected for Android users, although Google provided a patch for the bug earlier this month. Broadpwn is also targeting HTC, LG and Samsung phones.

Here’s how to eliminate the threat to your Apple device:

  • For iPhone/iPad/iPod users, go to ‘Settings’>’General’> then tap ‘Software Update’. This should begin the update process. You may need to have your device plugged in to complete the process.
  • If you’re a Mac user, visit the App Store and click on ‘Update’. You’ll be prompted to update to the latest OS your Mac can handle.

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