Australian of the Year: equality advocate David Morrison

Congratulations Australian of the Year David Morrison, for his work as an equality advocate.

Australian of the Year: equality advocate David Morrison

Congratulations to the incoming Australian of the Year, former head of the Australian Army, David Morrison, for his work as an equality advocate. YourLifeChoices is so pleased to hear that David Morrison plans to continue the work of Rosie Batty and that, “while the scourge of domestic violence” cannot be dismantled in one year, the new AOTY will continue to support Ms Batty’s fine work from 2015.  He also plans to continue to highlight the gender pay gap – 17.8 per cent – and work toward ways of reducing it. And last, but certainly not least, David Morrison is supporting the move towards an Australian republic, so that we can be, in his words, “free and fully independent”.

Senior Australian of the Year – Professor Gordian Fulde

Director of the Emergency Department at St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Professor Fulde is a so-called ‘medical warrior’, campaigning against drug and alcohol-fuelled violence. For 40+ years Professor Fulde has, to quote an admirer, “understood the politics, the medicine and most of all, the people”. He insists upon the need to teach that actions have consequences and notes with pride that last New Year’s Eve was the first when there was no death or brain injury at his hospital, despite the massive numbers of people partying in downtown Sydney.

And let’s not forget the next generation – a massive woo hoo for the two indefatigable young men who created Orange Sky Laundry, 21-year-olds Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett. These amazing young men have given freshly laundered clothes, conversation and dignity to the (too) many homeless Australians who everyone else has conveniently ignored. Love your work Nic and Lucas – your vision, courage and audacity is simply inspirational.


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    26th Jan 2016
    AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR? I became one of those the day I was born
    26th Jan 2016
    There are a lot of us that are still alive and kicking PIXAPD that were born in OUR great land, so as the song goes "There are many" AUSTRALIAN 'S OF THE YEAR
    26th Jan 2016
    and so did i. Happy australia day all.
    OH and i think on domestic Violence, that this has been happening since the dawn of time. and still nothing happened to slow it down.
    It needs to be taught in schools, that this is not exceptable.
    but NO, it doesn't and probably needs to be done by parents.
    but usually if more than one in family, time is not of the essence to teach them much at all.
    Never mind . A happier day too all. if possible
    Chris B T
    26th Jan 2016
    Most of the Sexual Discrimination/Conduct came within The Officer Group.
    The enlisted or Lower Ranks, Have The Officer's to Maintain a level of Decorum amongst the junior ranks.
    It has taken a very long time to get to this point.
    The ignorance of Past Senior Officers is Acceptable, There is a Royal Commision in Place for past behaviour of Clergy and others.
    There Ignorance is not acceptable.
    Morrison was only doing His Job as The Chief Of ARMY. Expected Nothing Less.
    26th Jan 2016
    David Morrison and all the other recipients, and all the nominees actually, show us all what we can achieve as individuals even when, in some cases, it would have been easy to do nothing. Rosie Batty was a case in point when she stood up and spoke out and David Morrison is another. He may have been just doing his job as chief of Army but what he did had not been done before as I can recall.
    26th Jan 2016
    And i wonder why we really have so many homeless, We really need to be looking into our own backyards and not others?? to sort this out.
    27th Jan 2016
    Agreed buby.
    28th Jan 2016
    I'll bet none of the so called refugees end up being homeless or the 20 odd thousand supposedly being brought over here never want for a home. only the thousands of Aussie's on the housing waiting list will miss out. Australian Governments neet to grow some gonads.
    29th Jan 2016
    And i've seem some of the disgusting housing many of our poor get into. and the women abused, as well as many of the elderly.
    Disgusting. The order comes from the top....they who don't care!
    And it trickles down, and as you get older, you just don't care anymore, cause you know your life is ending!
    toot2000 (Sydney)
    7th Feb 2016
    An Australian couple kidnapped by extremists in Burkina Faso run a medical clinic and have dedicated their lives to helping people in the West African country, a family spokesperson says.

    Ken and Jocelyn Elliott have lived in the West African country since 1972
    The couple run a medical clinic, which accommodates 120 people

    Before moving to Burkina Faso, Ken Elliott worked at Fremantle Hospital and later for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Kalgoorlie

    Ken and Jocelyn Elliott are originally from Perth but have lived in the town of Djibo, near the borders with Niger and Mali, since 1972.

    These people have wings under their clothes, why were they not nominated for Australian of the Year?

    The people who are responsible for this farce should be named, I want to know their names, because they are doing terrible job.

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