Best adrenaline destinations

Bored with beaches? Sick and tired of shopping? Don’t care if you ever see another monument in your life? If so then you might like to consider one of the following destinations where all the adrenaline junkies are flocking for their holidays.

Tavarua, Fiji

A heart-shaped island resort off the western coast of Fiji, Tavarua is surrounded by a coral reef where you can ride huge waves on any of the seven major surfing breaks.


Boasting over 40 volcanoes, Nicaragua offers the true once-in-a-lifetime experience of volcano boarding. Similar to dune boarding, you actually surf down the side of an active volcano.


Best known for its excellent trekking, Nepal also offers you unique opportunities for paragliding, caving, rafting, and more.

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohia USA

Named the ‘Best Amusement Park in the World’ for the past 15 years, it features 72 rides, including 16 roller coasters – four of which are over 200 ft tall.

The Machau Tower, China

Bungee jump 338 metres from the Macau Tower, take walk around the rim of the perimeter or try a Tower Climb.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Enjoy many exhilarating activities such as canyon diving and para- and skydiving, with the most thrilling views of the Swiss Alps as you jump out of a plane.

New Zealand

Being home to the world’s first bungy jump at Nevis Spring, New Zealand is arguably the adrenalin capital of the world and offers many other fast-paced activities such as white water rafting, skydiving, mountain biking, paragliding and many more.

Are you a bit of a thrillseeker yourself? Do you have any other locations you can add to our list?

Written by Andrea