Best beach camp sites

Frank would like to take his grandchildren on a beach camping holiday during the Christmas holidays and is seeking advice on which are the best campsites in Australia.

Q. Frank

My wife Carla and I are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays this year as we will have our three grandchildren aged from eight to 12, staying with us for three weeks. We would love to take them on a camping holiday to the beach but we don’t necessarily want to be amongst the crowds. We’d like to be close to the sea, surrounded by nature. Do you have any suggestions on suitable campsites?


What great fun your grandchildren will have with you. For many of us our fondest childhood memories are of summers spent on the beach with family, building sandcastles, swimming and playing beach cricket!

The coastline of Australia is dotted with many fantastic camping opportunities, but come summer time, especially during the school holidays, they can get booked out early. You could try some of these 10 great sites around the coast:

Written by Andrea