Best Christmas ads 2016

Ads are powerful feats of human creativity: they make us laugh, tear up and/or buy things we don’t actually need. Today, we share 2016’s best Christmas ads – they’re so good you’ll forget that you’re watching an ad at all!

In this year’s Marks & Spencer ad, Mrs Claus sends Santa out to work on Christmas Eve, making sure to remind him not to “forget about Australia”. Then she gets to work herself to save the day.

Aldi is here for you with this hilarious ad. Some Americans – big, loud and full of song – crash an Aussie family’s Christmas… until they learn what an Australian Christmas is all about!

In Myer’s brand new Christmas ad, Elf, Reindeer, Mouse and Angel must save the day and return Santa’s star to sky so he can find his way to Australia (guided by the Southern Cross).  

Written by ameliath