Big bank wins a Shonky

One of the big four banks has the dubious honour of being announced the winner of a CHOICE Shonky award, but which one?

Following on from its well-publicised issues with rogue financial planners, the Commonwealth Bank has been recognised in the CHOICE annual Shonky Awards 2014. Shonkies are famously awarded to companies which have failed or mislead consumers.

It’s not the only bank to feature, however, with Bankwest also taking out an award for offering a high teaser rate for children’s saving accounts, only to slash it after a year.

The other companies taking the walk of shame are:

Arnott’s for its Tim Tam peanut butter flavour biscuits, which actually contain no peanut butter.

Amazon for its Kindle Paperwhite, which it claims can last for eight weeks on one battery charge, but the fine print states this is achievable if you only use it 30 minutes per day.

S-26 Gold Toddler and Junior milk drinks, which aren’t needed by children over one year of age, but are marketed to mothers of toddlers.

Kmart’s swimwear which is transparent when wet!

And lastly, the ridiculously expensive Thermomix, which launched a new model overnight without advising potential customers, who having purchased the current $2000 machine, found it had been superseded before it was even delivered.

Find out more about the products and companies ‘honoured’ in this year’s Shonkies, or why not tell us which product, company or service would get your vote?

Written by Debbie McTaggart