Brain test predicts risk of death in older people

Scientists have developed a simple test that can predict how close you are to death.

3d image of a human brain

Will you die soon? Scientists at the University of New South Wales have developed a simple test that can measure cognitive decline and predict how close you are to death.

Researchers at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHEBA) studied reaction times of 861 people aged between 70 and 90 years old over eight years.

Participants took two computerised reaction-time tests and underwent comprehensive health and brain assessments every two years.

Each participant was given a large tablet screen, and asked to hold their finger on a black circle. Then, when a random coloured square appeared elsewhere on the screen, the participant was to touch it as quickly as possible before returning their finger to the black ‘home’ circle.


    Would you be interested in taking such a study? Would you like to know how close you are to death?


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    14th Aug 2017
    Latest (fake) news: Doing tests for these people can result in your death. Apparently, staring at screens chasing squares is a high risk activity, causing buildup of toxic proteins.

    If erratic behavior is a sign of impending doom, how does that make our current federal government feel?
    14th Aug 2017
    I doubt our current government feels anything Janus, none of the members will until their so called 'entitlements' are abolished.
    14th Aug 2017
    Janus, you are walking very fast, and that is a sign of longevity as I understand. So don't you worry about our erratic gov. you would still survive!!!
    14th Aug 2017
    Would love to take a test so that I can run a lottery.
    Miss Piggy
    14th Aug 2017
    "... how does that make our current federal government feel?" Alas, Janus, they're too far gone to have any recognition of the fact that they even have a problem!
    14th Aug 2017
    No connection between the cerebral cortex and the outside world... severed as part of the contract....
    14th Aug 2017
    Any person of any age has a 100% risk of dying, death is a n natural consequence of being born. As an older person the risk is still 100%, the only variable is when. Nature is ingenious in keeping the date and time of our death a secret from us. we are able to go about our daily lives without the dread of knowing our time may end soon. That, I believe, is the real punishment in Capital Punishment, knowing the date and time of your demise.
    While some may know they have limited time left and others may actively choose death over living. I suggest most people (including myself) just do not want to know how long they have left. This research may have useful physiological interest but as a predictor of death it is useless.
    14th Aug 2017
    .......well I'd love to know the date and time of my death! I read only recently that in a few years they will be able to predict 100% through a person's DNA.......
    ... imagine all the things you could "plan for" if you knew ... :-)
    14th Aug 2017
    Hey Foxy
    that can be arranged for the right price
    14th Aug 2017
    :-) Raphael
    14th Aug 2017
    lol ........ trust you Raph - you gotta find me first tho'? :-)
    14th Aug 2017
    I was considering the establishment of a Guild of Soul-less Assassins.... I can see some use for them today in this nation and elsewhere... Rafe could be a starter.... the standards are high though, and very very few make the grade.
    14th Aug 2017
    .... yikes!!! Do I need to start paying for Security??? lol
    14th Aug 2017
    I have a great deal of empathy - for those who help themselves.
    none whatsoever for lazy bludgers who want everything given to them for free
    14th Aug 2017
    I kin nooo believe ya
    Ted Wards
    14th Aug 2017
    Another no news day hey.
    14th Aug 2017
    you mean - no news which YLC can use as an excuse to knock this LNP government, scare the pensioners or support the labor party
    14th Aug 2017
    Actually its a massive news day but if talking trivial matters in the light of current world events then I am quite happy to put up with this crap.

    14th Aug 2017
    I don't want to know when I'm going to die, I just want to know where I'm going to die. If I know that, I'll never go there.
    Tricky Dicky
    14th Aug 2017
    Who cares? I don't i could get hit by a car/truck tomorrow and die. I will enjoy what life i have while I can. No amount of knowledge or worry is going to make life better, only worse with the worry.
    14th Aug 2017
    Doing tests with people between 70 years and 90 years and predicting deaths within eight years? I thought this was a joke until I read the report.
    If we live until we are 70 years is highly likely most of us will die between the ages of 78 and 98 years so what is the real point of the "study"?
    Just another lame excuse for getting research money from the government I suppose. It would be nice if some of these 'researchers' would get a proper job and do research in some useful field.

    14th Aug 2017
    Sound like Monty Python's Life of Brain......

    "I have a fwiend in Wome named.... Earlius Mortimus.. do you think that's funny? His wife is Ima...... Ima Cadava...... why are you laughing? Awwest this man! I want him womping with wabid wobbers and Chwistians in the Fowum within a week! Does anyone else think my fwiend Earlius Mortimus is a joke? I have another fwiend........ HIS name is Soontobea Corpus! AWWEST THEM ALL. I WILL NOT TOLEWATE THIS MAKING OF MEWWIMENT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE BETTER CRASSES!!"
    14th Aug 2017
    Did they factor in road deaths and what if someone walk in front, does that show up as well. of a moving bus. Surely thes people could put research money to better use than this.
    16th Aug 2017
    Would certainly make our Superannuation decisions so much easier! do I get it paid out over 5/10/15/20 years? the moment its such a punt to

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