Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

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We breakfast to ‘break the fast’ after long hours of sleep. That’s why the idea that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is with us today. We need the fuel first thing in the morning. Or do we?

Read on to find out how you should tackle breakfast and fuel your body correctly from the moment you wake up.

Myth 1: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
There are two schools of thought. One says that not having breakfast makes absolutely no difference and that breakfast is ‘just any another meal’. The other insists that breakfast improves energy and concentration levels and reduces overconsumption later in the day.

Should we, instead, focus on the types of foods being consumed during the day, and not the timing of the meal?

While breakfast helps you start the day, making light, healthy and balanced food choices should continue through to dinner.

Myth 2: Skipping breakfast will help with weight loss
Experiments have been carried out to test the idea that skipping breakfast helps with weight loss. But the factors are many, and the results are not clear-cut. While cutting back on calorie intake is vital for shedding a few pounds, nutritionists say that sticking to a well-balanced and regularly scheduled meal plan is key to creating a healthy balance for your body.

Try eggs, milk or yogurt with fruits and wholegrain foods as healthy alternatives to processed cereals to kick-start your day.

Myth 3: Breakfast is always a healthy choice
Not necessarily! Don’t be fooled by the outside label of many breakfast foods such as cereals. Many of these are full of sugar and leave you craving more.

Make sure to check the labels to ensure your body is getting the energy it needs to carry you through your day.

There are plenty of healthy breakfast foods, with little preparation needed: eggs, fruit salads and fruit and veggie smoothies are just a few great choices.

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    Although I don’t mind eggs – I never feel like them in the morning nor the other options you mention. so how to get my mind and taste buds to go in this direction!! I do have porridge as this is supposed to be good for the heart.

  2. 0

    Porridge from rolled oats is the healthiest morning cereal if you can’t face cooking first thing, I would advise going to the
    Lo Carb Down Under site to find other healthy options .

  3. 0

    Yes, porridge made from scratch, not from packets or boxes, is the healthiest and most filling.

  4. 0

    If its the only meal you have, its important. Apart from that, not so important.

    I have never been able stomach breakfast unless I have coffee first then get out and walk around.



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