Budget hits the poorest hardest

The Federal Government has come under fire after Fairfax Media received documents under the freedom-of-information legislation, which show the Abbott government knew its 2014 budgets spending cuts would hit poorer households the hardest.

Fairfax Media is still seeking two further documents which are being withheld from the freedom-of-information request, a 56-page and 21-page document which are said to model the difference in disposable income between wealthier and poorer households.

”The Abbott government clearly shows what the welfare changes would mean, with 10 pages of material contained in the budget papers. This is significantly more than has been included in most previous budgets,” said a spokeswoman for Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said yesterday that the Treasurer should be ”acknowledging [the] Treasury figures show the fundamental unfairness of the budget,” and ”These are Treasury figures. These aren’t Sydney Morning Herald’s figures, not the Labor Party’s figures these are Treasury figures, which have been released under FOI.”

Find out more from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Opinion: Should we be surprised?

While we all knew what we were signing up for when we elected this Coalition Government, I’m not sure anybody was expecting the harsh reality which was Budget 2014.

The media and public seem to be shocked that this Coalition Government delivered a budget which has favoured the wealthy rather than the less well off, when one of its signature election promises was the Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

It became clear when this Coalition government took the hard-line on not admitting that it was introducing any new taxes, when in-fact it was implementing a few, that we would be in for a long four years of denial. Joe Hockey came out yesterday like a rampaging bull attacking Fairfax Media for releasing “deliberately misleading” information, but it’s hard to argue with Treasury figures which paint the picture in black and white.

Joe Hockey will have a hard time convincing the majority that his 2014 budget was fair for all the nation it seems with 94 per cent of 17,326 people who answered a poll on the Sydney Morning Herald website saying that Joe Hockey’s budget hit the poorest the hardest.

What do you think? Is Joe Hockey lying to the public about the impacts of his budget or does he really believe it is fair for the wealthiest and poorest households?

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