Can orgasms actually help you live longer?

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Aside from being pleasurable, orgasms have wide-reaching health benefits, but can they actually make you live longer?

According to some studies, yes.

One such study examined the frequency of sexual intercourse and death of 900 men aged 45–59 over a 10-year period. Scientists discovered that those with the highest orgasmic frequency had a 50 per cent lower mortality rate.

Two orgasms a week reduced the mortality rate even more significantly, with 68 per cent less mortality than that of those who only had less than one orgasm per month. Around 100 orgasms a year may add three or more years to your life. The research also showed that the more orgasms you have, the lower your risk of mortality – around 700 orgasms per year could increase your life expectancy by up to eight years!

For men, high frequency means longer life, but for women, it’s quality that counts.

The same study mentioned above found that enjoyment of sex is far more beneficial to women than frequency – although frequency still counts. So, more sexually-related pleasure equals fewer early deaths. In other words, lift your game, boys!

Beyond the longevity issue, sex and orgasm stimulate sensory pleasure pathways that, in turn, trigger healthy chemical reactions in our brains and bodies, offering a whole range of physical, emotional and psychological benefits.

Sex lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol, increases circulation, and raises your heartbeat from 70 to 150 beats per minute. Regular sex halves your risk of heart attacks and strokes than those who don’t have sex at all. Oh, and 30 minutes of sex can burn as many as 837 kilojoules.

Sex also reduces food cravings, controls your appetite, helps you absorb nutrients from food more easily, boosts immunity, aids in tissue repair, stimulates brain function and cognition, reduces stress, improves sleep, promotes strong bones and may even be better for you than your annual cold and flu shot.

Orgasms can help to alleviate pain through the release of pain-relieving oxytocin and endorphins that can increase pain tolerance by over 74 per cent, according to a study by Beverly Whipple, professor emeritus at Rutgers University.

Need more inspiration? How about the fact that the bond forged by regular intimate contact does more for your long-term physical and mental health than you can imagine?

Regular touch will increase your self-esteem and help you thrive emotionally and psychologically – and there’s nothing better for increasing longevity than having a strong sense of self-worth and love.

A study published in The American Journal of Medicine revealed that sexual satisfaction in women actually increases with age. Researchers from the University of California studied 806 postmenopausal women with a median age of 67 and found that approximately half of the women over 80 reported sexual satisfaction almost always or always.

So, get out the candles, wine, chocolates and roses, and get down to it, or try these tips for spicing up your sex life.

Is sex (and are orgasms) still an essential part of your life?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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    Men aged 45-59 studied within a 10 year period..What 10 year period?.. Was a person 58 studied until he was 68 or he died first?..
    Don’t get it at all ?

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    …or you get to collect on the inheritance sooner. 🙂

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    For men, frequency is important……for women it’s the quality that counts…??? once again the men seem to get the best deal……

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    How do you explain the longevity for nuns them? Ha ha ha

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    Keep wanking boys!

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    You are joking, 700 orgasms per year is almost two per day, no wonder you can lose weight as it would leave little time left for shopping cooking and eating. What a load of cobblers, more likely to bring about a heart attack due to the stress!

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    not sure how that explains the fact that women live in average 5 or more years longer than men! does all the teenage activity not count?

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    I think leon had a long night out last night and was on the turps a bit longer than usual.
    My question is ‘what’s an orgasm’…….ha ha ha.

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    Im a firm believer in “use it or lose it” Also that regular activity involving the prostate will do more good than harm

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    Onanism, in flagantre delicto, what a whoop goin thru the hoop, head down , bum up casting wild oats into the fray, only to end up in the sin bin when the better ‘arf catches you, pants down paying lip service to a gorgeous doll – now that’d take the wind outa yer sails…along with said dolly – how deflating !

    How low can we go ?

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