17th Apr 2012

Clean Energy Advance payment

clean energy, household assistance package, carbon pricing, carbon tax
Debbie McTaggart

The first payments under the Government’s Household Assistance Package to meet the costs of carbon pricing will soon be hitting bank accounts. How much will you get and when?

The Clean Energy Advance is a one-off payment of $250 for singles and $190 for each eligible couple member, to recipients of the full – and part - pension. These payments will be made automatically with your regular payment between May and June 2012.

The second benefit to be paid is the Clean Energy Supplement, which equals a 1.7 per cent increase on the standard Age Pension rate. Currently, this amounts to $338 for singles and $255 for each eligible member of a couple – per year. The increase will be implemented from 20 March 2013 and will be indexed on CPI so it stays in line with general price increases. It is to be paid in addition to the existing Pension Supplement.

For both these payment you do not have to apply for the increase, they will be paid automatically as long as your details are up-to-date with Centrelink and the DVA where required.

Find out more about the Household Assistance Package.


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18th Apr 2012
How does this affect Self funded retirees ? Again I expect we will have to fund ourselves as we have been doing all our lives ( till I was 65yrs) working and saving where possible.
20th Apr 2012
Will this be means tested we do not receive the full aged pension .As ususal I imagine because we have a bit of extra income ,not a lot but we will not receive the full amount ,hope I am wrong getting harder & harder to pay the bills .

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