What to do when your blood pressure soars

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High blood pressure can lead to further health complications. It can be due to:

  • primary hypertension – no underlying cause and likely to be hereditary
  • secondary hypertension – due to an underlying condition, such as kidney disease or a thyroid condition; or
  • just a temporary blip due to stress.

The causes of continued high blood pressure episodes or a constantly raised blood pressure should be investigated by your GP. However, when you feel your blood pressure start to rise, try these five strategies to lower it.

Whether it’s breathing slowly or actual meditation, the resulting decrease of renin – an enzyme found in the kidney that increases blood pressure – will help lower your blood pressure naturally. Try removing yourself from the hustle and bustle that’s going on around you and sit comfortably in a chair. Place your hand on your chest and watch it rise and fall with each breath. Carry on until you feel relaxed and more in control of your blood pressure.

Walk on by
Not only can getting out for a walk remove you from a stressful situation, the regular breathing and fresh air can also help to reduce your blood pressure. A 30-minute walk will work wonders but even a 10-minute brisk walk around the block can help. If you have something on your mind, consider counting or repeating the words to a favourite poem or song so you don’t dwell on your issue.

Catch some rays
As well as making you feel generally just a little better, a study found that exposure to the sun can affect the levels of nitric oxide. Small amounts of nitric oxide are transferred from the skin to the blood and blood vessel tone is lowered, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Tea time
Four cups of tea a day may be able to help control blood pressure, but even the three minutes spent waiting for one cup to brew can be enough quiet reflection to bring down your blood pressure. A study has found that participants who drank between one and four cups of tea a day had the lowest systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

Let the music play
A study published in the Netherland Heart Journal found that blood pressure was lower in musicians than non-musicians. If you’re not gifted with musical talent, listening to your favourite music, especially if it’s classical, will help relax you and reduce your blood pressure.

These strategies can be used to lower your blood pressure in stressful situations or can be used as part of your daily routine to help keep your pressure in check.

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Blood pressure explained

We answer the common questions about blood pressure, including how to control it.

Tips to lower blood pressure

Lower your blood pressure with a few simple lifestyle changes, and improve your overall health.

Written by Debbie McTaggart


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  1. 0

    “When you feel your blood pressure go up!” What nonsense is this? Hypertension is called the silent killer precisely because you cannot feel it. What you can feel is stress which may make your blood pressure go up to unacceptable levels. Then is IS a good thing to chill out and the tips above can help.

    The best way to deal with high blood pressure is surely to have a regular check by your doctor, or at one of the many pharmacies which offer a free service. The pharmacist will tell you if you need to see a doctor based on that reading at that time.

  2. 0

    Totally confused about the blood pressure thing….Went to a doctor some years ago during a time of immense work and family stress thinking he would tell me my blood pressure was through the roof – fact was he told me I had the blood pressure of a healthy 15 year old!!!
    But believe I have a tendency to low blood pressure which causes other problems as I understand it……

    But for generally for sanity’s sake and a stressless existence would suggest giving people who post inspirational quotes and sayings on forum sites a VERY WIDE BERTH….Sadly this prolific ‘posting of inspirational quotes and sayings’ for a very few is like a mental illness for those caught up in this shallow, patronizing and pretentious obsession….Just my thoughts.

  3. 0

    Its easy to get your own blood pressure monitor, chemists sell them.

    I have that type of blood pressure that soars when I get stressed or angry. The levels of blood pressure medication that seem to be working, will just fall over, when I stress out over something.

    Every morning I get up at 5am (easy in the tropics) and go into town for an early coffee and a 15 minute walk. That’s about the best I can do.

    Most blood pressure medications give me a headache. I manage a little, but with all the stuff I am already taking for nerve pain, the blood pressure stuff is often forgotten or contributes to forgetfullness.

  4. 0

    Oh my god!!! The subject is about blood pressure and you have an add with a long legged girl
    asking her Lord to ravage her!! Have a thought for we oldies who cannot stand the strain.
    I need to see my GP ASAP.

  5. 0

    I just wish mine would go up a bit. I’m currently suffering the effects of having blood pressure that is too low. Only thing that seems to raise it is red wine.

  6. Profile Photo

    High blood pressure us silent condition which needs to be checked regularly as to avoid strokes and heart attacks. Most chemists now do am array of free health checks.

  7. 0

    celery juice, pulp and all on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has taken my blood pressure to normal again. Id only ever do tablets as a last resort because they are well known to cause other issues.

  8. 0

    Get your own BP machine and monitor it y/self!Then if concerned discuss with your GP!
    I`m going on an AMBULATORY machine (monitors it 24 hrs)(we never know what the readings are at night)Hope I DON`T HAVE TO MAKE LOVE …….IT`LL GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!

  9. 0

    Get your own BP machine and monitor it y/self!Then if concerned discuss with your GP!
    I`m going on an AMBULATORY machine (monitors it 24 hrs)(we never know what the readings are at night)Hope I DON`T HAVE TO MAKE LOVE …….IT`LL GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!



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