Copying data to your new iDevice

Whether you’ve splashed out on a new iPhone 7, or you’ve been given a hand-me-down iPad, find out how you can copy all of your data onto your new device, without the hassle.

You’ll need to have access to a Mac or PC running the latest version of iTunes, and you will need some free space on your computer to store the backup. You’ll also need a cable to connect your devices to your computer (make sure to check as your new device may have a different connector).

Back up

Open up iTunes and plug your old iPhone or iPad into your computer. If you haven’t plugged your iPhone into this computer before, click ‘Set up as new iPhone/iPad” and then click continue.

Now that your device is connected, you should see a small icon of your device at the top-left of iTunes, click on it. You will now be shown details about your device, click ‘Summary’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Next you should ensure that under the ‘Automatically Back Up’ title you have selected ‘This computer’ and ‘Encrypt iPhone/iPad backup”. If you don’t encrypt your backup, you will lose lots of data, such as passwords and other login details. Finally, click ‘Back Up Now’, and your device will start copying all of its data onto the computer (this can take a while).


Once the back up is complete, eject and unplug your old device and plug in the new one. You should be given an option in iTunes to ‘Restore from a previous backup’. Now select the backup you have just made and then click ‘Continue’. Copying all the data over will take some time, but when it’s finished you’ll have all the data from your old device on your new one. Why not have a look at the new features of iOS 10 to get you started with your new device?

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