Could you die in five years?

This test can tell you if you are at risk of dying in the next five years.

Scientists have developed a five-minute test that determines whether a person is at risk of dying in the next five years. The scientists claim that it is the most accurate indicator of five-year mortality ever created.

Answering a series of simple questions – 11 for women and 13 for men – the test gives people aged 40 to 70 a percentage of the likelihood of their death in the next five years. Additionally, the test provides an ‘UbbLE age’, a single prediction score that uses information about you to match your risk profile to the age of the average person of your gender in the UK. The authors of the test say that if a person’s UbbLE age is above their real age, it may be time to address and rethink some lifestyle factors.

Questions are solely based around existing and past health, lifestyle and family history, and do not take into account common health indicators, such as weight, diet, drinking and external factors.

Data for the formulation of the test was taken from 500,000 British volunteers in the UK Biobank study. Participants were assessed according to 655 health, lifestyle and demographic measurements and tracked over nearly five years. A series of complex algorithms were used to identify the measurements that would be most relevant to determining participants’ mortality. The 655 measurements were reduced to a dozen factors, which the researchers calculated would give the best prediction of life expectancy over five years.

The questions vary slightly for women and men, suggesting that the genders respond to health risks differently. In further research involving 35,000 people, the test had an 80 per cent accuracy rate.

Study co-author Dr Andrea Ganna, from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, said that the test represented exciting possibilities, since it could be conducted online at home and did not involve a physical examination or lab test. “We hope that our score might eventually enable doctors to quickly and easily identify their highest risk patients,” he said.

The research for the test was published in The Lancet medical journal. The test can be accessed for free online at UbbLE.

Would you take the UbbLE test? If not, why? If you did the test and were given a negative result, what lifestyle changes, if any, would you make to change the result?


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    29th Aug 2017
    The Rolling Stones prove all of that wrong. :)
    Its not quantity its quality. If you want to be "old" for the majority of your life then be good - otherwise - enjoy the moment, seize the day as they say!
    Ted Wards
    29th Aug 2017
    No I wouldn't because the only ones who could use this information is insurance agents to either refuse a claim or make the cost of purchase sky rocket.
    29th Aug 2017
    I checked it out. Smoking may be an indicator; it was for my sister. Insufficient information is collected though e.g. how well are you looking after your health by regular health checks, monitoring of any conditions, lifestyle.
    29th Aug 2017
    Why are men asked if they have diabetes and women are not?
    29th Aug 2017
    My extensive studies over the last decade prove CONCLUSIVELY and POSITIVELY that ALL readers here, over the age of 60, will DEFINITELY die some time within the next 60 (yes, SIXTY) years !! So, You Have Been Warned :O Get out there Boys 'n Girls and enjoy/savour ever moment from now on !!! p.s. *note to Australian Government - I am still waiting for that cheque to cover my hard work studying over the last 10 years :(

    29th Aug 2017
    What a stupid test it doesn't take into account accidents.
    29th Aug 2017
    3.8% -- pretty good odds. I had to tell them I used to smoke, but they didn't ask when - I gave up 35 years ago, so you'd think that would make a difference.
    29th Aug 2017
    I did one for my husband and it did impact and he stopped in his twenties. It depended what you ticked after that. I ticked the top one of that which meant you smoked every day in the past when you smoked and that mad a difference. His came up 8%. His health is better than mine.
    29th Aug 2017
    It's an accurate indicator only if you live in the UK.
    29th Aug 2017
    Is that because of the weather ?
    29th Aug 2017
    Deep freezes your brain cells.
    29th Aug 2017
    They just put my age up 14 years. I didn't ask them how I feel?
    29th Aug 2017
    Hey colours did you become a vegetarian about the same time you gave up smoking ?
    29th Aug 2017
    Sounds like an Amelia post.
    Started to take the 'test' for want of another word but stopped quickly when I realised it was not legit.
    29th Aug 2017
    Stop being a negative old leftie grumble bum

    Test said my uBBle age is 47

    I actually feel 45 and the woman I feel is 40, so having a young partner does keep you young !
    30th Aug 2017
    No question about alcohol consumption. Phew!

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