New research: cybercriminals target over 55s

The over 55 age group are the most attractive targets for cybercriminals.

New research: cybercriminals target over 55s

New research has revealed that the over 55 age group are the most attractive targets for cybercriminals. The research derived from interviewing more than 12,546 internet users conducted by leading anti-virus software company Kaspersky Lab and B2B, revealed that 40 per cent of respondents over 55 have shared financial details in the public domain, putting themselves at risk.

While the older demographic is more likely to install security software than any other demographic, it is less likely to protect mobile devices and more likely to share personal data in the public domain.

Around 86 per cent of respondents over 55 believed they are not a target for cybercriminals, when in fact, almost every internet user has been the target of cybercriminals through emails or by visiting compromised websites.

“On the one hand, it’s great to see that so many over-55s are using the internet to shop, bank and stay connected with loved ones. The report shows clearly that this generation is embracing a connected life, and all of the opportunities that come with it. On the other hand, however, it’s clear that the over-55s are not doing enough to protect themselves properly. Worryingly, they don’t even believe they are a target for cybercriminals, but they are putting themselves in danger time and again,” said Peter Brady, General Manager at Kaspersky Lab ANZ.

Take the Kaspersky cyber-savviness quiz and read more tips on how to protect yourself online at

Have you been the target of cybercrime? Do you feel you are cyber-savvy? Does your mobile phone have a pin code and a ‘find my phone’ service enabled?



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    15th Nov 2016
    ....and charities.
    Sadly as we age or become ill it is of the utmost importance to belong to the "tribe" because the crocodiles are roaming the perimeters ready to pounce on the weakest easy meal.
    15th Nov 2016
    And don't forget the 'tradies' who kindly offer to concrete your driveway or see to the roof!
    15th Nov 2016
    I know a Bloke that sent 2 Irishmen down to see the Dentist !! :-) :-)
    15th Nov 2016
    I get fed up blocking unwanted scams, because the same ones reappear every day with a different email address. Hundreds of them on a loop. I have Kaspersky installed, and thoroughly recommend it, but phishing scams still get through. Just be VERY careful and if in doubt, block it or delete.
    15th Nov 2016
    ....and Malcom Turnbull.
    At least with cybercriminals we have options to ignore or delete offers via email or face to face. Our government offers no such choice.

    I have a long held view that everyone is after my money, so do not give anyone else control over your hard won earnings. Do your research and play it safe. If someone promises a great return, it will be true, but only for the one making the promise - for the investor it will be yet another sad story in the evening news. When it comes to your savings. paranoia is your friend.

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