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Ellivo Architects would like to better understand the downsizing preferences of Australians aged 50 and over.

This is not about a retirement living facility, but about designing the type of home that considers your future needs and wants, and provides you with a better retirement lifestyle.

Ellivo Architects understand that most retirees are not interested in managed retirement living options, however, there are few homes designed specifically with retirees in mind.

So, would you prefer a freestanding home, a townhome, townhouse, or apartment? How many rooms would you want? How about your ideal kitchen, bathroom and other features? Carparking? Amenities, such as pools? Or maybe a concierge service to help with various things from collecting your mail to receiving your internet shopping?

To Ellivo Architects’ knowledge, Australia’s retirees haven’t been asked about the ideal types of homes into which they would downsize. The team at Ellivo aims to fix that.

The results of this survey will help to inform the building and development community about what you really want – not what others think you want.

The survey is an online multiple choice questionnaire, which should take no more than five minutes. Leave your email if you want to enter the competition to win the prizes. Your email will not be retained for any other purpose or provided to any third party.

Click here to tell us how you’d like to design your own downsize.

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    Interesting survey.

  2. 0

    Not at all interested in downsizing at present but what I expect I would look for would be a well designed Torrens title maybe attached house, open plan no stairs. Kitchen for a person that can actually cook, no miniature appliances. Small garden front and back. Pets encouraged.

  3. 0

    What a load of rubbish. You can tell by the “tone” of that article (remember it’s SPONSORED content) that the purpose of this is to help the associated companies make $$$$$$$$ from YOU. It’s the old advertising line of “we’re really doing it all for “you”, to help “you” and to improve “your” life”, you can really, really, really trust us …… yeah sure fellas, while you guys drive around in your Rolls-Royces, have ya multi million $$$$ businesses and live the high life, all financed by those pensioners “downsizing”. What a joke.

  4. 0

    I would only downsize if the Government gave an binding undertaking to.

    Provide me with the full pension.

    Any surplus funds left after downsizing will be free from any form of tax. The funds at my disposal will never be included in the Assets/Income tests.

    I can gift the available funds without any form of penalty regarding the pension or tax implications

    • 0

      Sure you haven’t missed anything niemakawa ? Choice of suburb perhaps, government car/driver at your service, domestic help and p’raps a gigolo to help ease your way through another hectic day.

      Good luck, after-all ‘fortune favours the brave and foolish’.

    • 0

      MD. My wish list is complete, I not s greedy person. Definitely do not need a gigolo, don’t want any competition in my suburb @????

  5. 0

    Town house or unit would be great, but the body corporate fees and rates make it prohibitive. Free standing small homes on the other hand involve more maintenance and garden work. Maybe retirement overseas??



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