Do devices slow down with age?

Dealing with a device that has consistently slowed down the longer you’ve had it? There may be a simple reason behind this slowdown and even a quick fix to the issue.

In late 2017 it was discovered that Apple has been implementing software updates that slowdown your smart device in an attempt to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by an ageing battery. Apple has always offered a replacement batter service for slightly over $100 while most Android batteries are easily replaced as well.

Despite popular opinion, there is no evidence to suggest that outside of batteries (mainly lithium), that ageing computers, tablets and smartphones slow down as they age.

The installation of software is the lead cause of device slowdowns. Through excessive caching of software content and settings, the device uses more RAM, fills up storage space and uses the computer’s processing unit while minimised. As you continue to install more and more software/apps, your device will slow down even further.

To fix this issue, close any programs that are not in use and delete any software/apps that you no longer require.

Have you noticed your device slowing down recently?

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