The new diet drink you already have in your cupboard

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There’s already so much evidence that coffee has wide-ranging health benefits, such as reducing your risk of liver disease, clogged arteries, skin cancer, colorectal cancer, Parkinson’s, heart disease and diabetes.

There’s even a study revealing that those who regularly drank a cup of coffee each day had a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia later on in life.

Ask any coffee drinker and they’ll most likely tell you that the first cup of the day is one of the more satisfying moments in life.

But if you needed another reason to drink coffee, how does the phrase ‘weight loss’ inspire you? Because even if you are not predisposed to a cup of joe, you may be about to change your mind.

Former NBC Nightly News and 60 Minutes medical correspondent Bob Arnot has been experimenting with coffee to find out its maximum benefits.

He’s found a plethora of promising reasons for coffee drinkers to justify every cup, as well as motivation for those who don’t already drink it.

His studies have revealed that coffee contains huge disease and fat-fighting antioxidants called phenols.

Dr Arnot’s ‘coffee cleanse’ has treated health issues ranging from eczema to type 2 diabetes and has also helped people lose up to 22 kilos in 50 days.

National institutes of health studies have identified phenols as key to coffee’s many health benefits, and after learning that no such data existed, Dr Arnot set out to discover which beans had the highest amount of phenols.

Working with chemists at a Vermont lab, he systematically ranked hundreds of beans and found that lighter roasts have the highest concentration of phenols.

“Dark roasting destroys phenols,” said Dr Arnot, saying that lighter roasts, or ‘lean roasts’ are higher in phenols, meaning they contain more slimming compounds.

Phenols encourage short-term bursts of calorie burning, with stimulants found in a single cup of caffeinated coffee enough to increase metabolism by an extra 75–100 calories a day.

Phenols also reduce your level of insulin – a hormone that blocks fat burning and decreases the formation of new fat.

One specific type of phenol can reduce your absorption of carbs, while another decreases absorption of dietary fat.

“It’s a phenomenal boost to weight loss!” said Dr Arnot.

“I suspect it’s the reason people instinctively reach for coffee after a rich meal.”

So, if you’re in the market for a new diet drink, best pop the kettle on or head to your local café!

Do you drink coffee? Do you do it for the health benefits or just because you love the taste and the spark it adds to your day?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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  1. 0

    Does this research mean black coffee only or can it be with milk?

    • 0

      Sorry Nanna75, studies are typically with black coffee i.e. calorie free. Gee wonder why there is weightloss involved?

      Swap the Starbucks mega bucket full of syrup and cream and watch the fat fall off! And just think about all those ready to whinge about the perils of dairy and does hemp/soy/almond/rice/coconut/ or any other not-milk have the same effect?

  2. 0

    Another article sponsored by the coffee industry? Coffee is of no benefit to your health, your liver hates it, it is addictive, mess’s with your adrenal glands and there is no nutrition. As for losing weight,just eat more low calorie foods and less high calorie foods.

  3. 0

    Working with chemists at a Vermont lab, he systematically ranked hundreds of beans and found that lighter roasts have the highest concentration of phenols.

    “Dark roasting destroys phenols,” said Dr Arnot, saying that lighter roasts, or ‘lean roasts’ are higher in phenols, meaning they contain more slimming compounds.

    Reads ok, but doersn’t include what he means by “lighter roasts”.
    My current fav is Arabica.
    Where does that sit in his Lighter/Darker Roasts scale.
    Unfortunately typical of such reports; they leave out info that should be included. That’s why I usually don’t bother going past the headlines most times.
    But for coffee, well that’s different.

  4. 0

    Yes this article needs some clarification re: what are the lighter roasts and as I am sure it does – is this just black coffee.



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