Apple devices worldwide are crashing due to a Safari browser bug

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A strange bug has been affecting owners of Apple devices worldwide, with many users of the Safari web browser on iOS devices recently experiencing frustrating crashes.

Users have complained of their devices crashing and returning them to a home screen when they attempted to type in the search bar or open a new browser tab. Apple has confirmed that there was indeed an issue and has assured its users that the problem has now been resolved.

But if you’re still having problems with your Apple mobile device, these simple steps should have you back to browsing in no time.

First, try clearing your browser cache. To do this on your mobile device, open ‘Settings’, then scroll down to Safari and tap ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

If that doesn’t work, try to disable Safari Suggestions (the feature that tries to guess what you are going type into your browser address bar). To do this on your mobile device, head to ‘Settings’, then scroll down to ‘Safari’ and tap ‘Safari Suggestions’ to turn it off.

Another trick to use ‘Private Browsing Mode’ when browsing. That way, Safari won’t try to contact its ‘suggestions server’ for auto completing an address in your browser address bar, which means the server that is causing the crash won’t be contacted by your browser.


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