Don’t fall for this convincing scam

Customers are being warned of a fake bank scam that advises Australians of ‘unsuccessful payments’, then prompts them to login to accounts where scammers steal important personal information.

Cyber security firm MailGuard says the scam is very convincing and has been sent to thousands of inboxes.

“The email, from a display name of ANZ internet Banking and sender email address of custome[email protected], claims that ANZ have been unable to contact you, and asks customers to click to update their phone number,” warns MailGuard.

“When recipients click through they arrive on a well-crafted ANZ internet Banking landing page where they are prompted to login, so doing handing over their Customer Registration Number (CRN) and Password.

“For those that continue past the internet Banking login page, the scammers try for even more sensitive data by asking recipients to divulge the answers to three ‘security questions’.”

Customers are advised to check for grammatical errors and to check the domain to which the email links, which in this case is If any of these red flags appear, you should delete the email immediately.

If you think you have fallen for this scam, contact the ANZ helpdesk immediately to have your account details changed or to check for suspicious account activity.

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