Dr Karl to donate IGR fees

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has stated that he will donate his IGR fees to government schools.

Dr Karl to donate IGR fees

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has stated that any money he receives from his rather embarrassing representation of the government’s intergenerational report (IGR) will be donated to needy government schools. He has also expressed “deep regret” over his part in the government’s advertising campaign promoting the report.

Dr Karl admitted that he did not fully read the report before agreeing to promote it, claiming he only had access to summary extracts. He also believed that he was representing an “independent, bipartisan, non-political” document prepared by the Treasury, rather than acting as a “Liberal stooge” – as many of his legion of social media fans have argued.

“I deeply regret that I didn't get to see the full and final version”, he said on Wednesday.

Dr Karl pulled out of the campaign once he realised that the report had a lack of focus on climate change, but still maintains that some parts of the report, including the focus on science and innovation were admirable.

Dr Kruszelnicki has stated that he is not aware what his final payment will be, but tweeted on Wednesday night: “I have decided to donate any money received from the IGR campaign to needy government schools. More to follow tomorrow. Dr Karl.”


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    17th Apr 2015
    I listened to the ABC interview with Dr Karl.
    I must admit I don't think I have seen any of the ads Dr Karl refers to in the opening minute of the interview.
    However, as Dr Karl says... "each ad is finished with, go to climatechange.com and form your own opinion." Is this just a Freudian Slip? Or do the IGR ads carry that afterword?
    17th Apr 2015
    Hi Frank,

    It's no Freudian Slip!

    You can watch some of the ads for yourself, after scrolling down on the following page:

    17th Apr 2015
    Hello markw, thanks for the blessings Father.
    I have looked at the first 5 ads on your link and not one of them has an afterword.

    I thought it strange that something like an IGR would have such a narrow conclusion as to direct people to a focus on climate change.
    Thanks for the link.
    The IGR contains enormously important information and it is imperative that the government fully promotes this discussion agenda. Bringing everyone together for the journey to the future shows great leadership by this government.
    17th Apr 2015
    Even someone as smart as Dr Karl makes mistakes! imagine! endorsing something you have not read.
    I look forward to seeing an audited statement of fees he received and the amounts received by schools.
    17th Apr 2015
    Smart, this bloke id just a photographic memory, with no thinking, just regurgitation.

    Obviously you can buy him for a few bob, but he backs out quickly when threatened with the loss of his regular ABC gig. What a clown.
    17th Apr 2015
    SHEESH !! Donate it To NEEDY AUSTRALIAN FARMERS IN DROUGHT !! THE Guvmint wont help them :-( :-( :-(

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