Drive Europe in style

Leasing a car with Peugeot European leasing is a great option for those travelling to Europe for an extended period. A Peugeot lease gives you the freedom to cruise the open roads of Europe in style.

Why lease a Peugeot in Europe rather than hire a car? When you lease a Peugeot in Europe you receive a brand new, tax-free model guaranteed. All Peugeot leasing prices are all inclusive and come with:

  • unlimited kilometres
  • full comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • free additional driver.


While there are no additional fees to add a driver onto the lease, there are restrictions in place – the additional driver must be an immediate family member, a spouse or a direct descendent/ascendant of the registered driver.

There is no maximum driver’s age, you just need to have a valid Australian drivers licence. All prices are in AUD, so you don’t have to worry about conversion rates. And all the paper work is completed in Australia before you leave for your holiday.

All Peugeot leasing vehicles are left-hand drive (including UK pickups) and come with built in GPS navigation systems, air conditioning, Bluetooth, radio, central locking and much more.

Since diesel is generally cheaper in most European countries, it is recommended that you pay a little bit more at the start of your rental and grab the diesel model to save on fuel in the long run.  

Collect a Peugeot vehicle in Europe before 31 December 2017 and receive a week’s worth of free days so you can explore more. Hurry! Offer ends on the 30 September 2017.

Contact Peugeot European Leasing on 1300 114 995 or visit and book today!

Conditions apply for seven free days. 

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