7th May 2012

Claiming the Essential Medical Equipment Payment

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Debbie McTaggart

YOURLifeChoices member Paul was perplexed when told by his local Centrelink office that the Essential Medical Equipment Payment can only be claimed online. What happens to those who do not have computer access?

Q. Paul

I was advised yesterday at my local Centrelink office that the Essential Medical Equipment Payment of $140 cannot be claimed until 18 June and will not be paid until after 1 July. I was also told that this claim has to be initiated online, but what are pensioners without access to a computer supposed to do?

A. You have been given the correct information in relation to dates for claiming and payment of the Essential Medical Equipment Payment. Those eligible can apply online at humanservices.gov.au/cleanenergy by selecting the Online Services option. Alternatively if you do not have access to a computer, paper claim forms are also available from 18 June. You can call 132 468 and say ‘medical equipment’ at the prompts. A Human Services operator can arrange for a claim form to be sent to you.

Find out more about the Essential Medical Equipment Payment.


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8th May 2012
My Husband is on a CPAP Machine every night for his Sleep Apnea. Would he be entitled to the annual payment of $140.00? Thanks Narelle.
8th May 2012
Those who have access to a computer can check online at http://www.cleanenergyfuture.gov.au/household-assistanceessential/
I also use CPAP every night and the website says that users of a positive airways pressure device will qualify. I have asked if it could be my GP who writes a qualifying letter or if it needs to be the specialist sleep physician. The person on the phone did not know, but said details should be available closer to the time. Also you have the be the person responsible for the home energy costs, otherwise if a carer is responsible for the power bills, they can claim the cost.
8th May 2012
If you have a letter from your specialist saying that your husband has to use the CPAP machine, contact your electricity provider for a form to be filled in and send back. It is $13.77 per quarter. Every cent counts. I have claimed it from Integral and it comes in on my account as a credit.
8th May 2012
My husband & I are both using cpaps, I made inquires a couple of weeks ago to Centrelink, they said they didn't know anything about it. I was told to get in touch with medicare, the answer from them was NO NO NO & that was it, my husband didn't any other comment but that.
4th Jul 2012
Centrelink will provide you with a form to give to your G.P. for his/her signature. Be sure he/she puts that it is an airways pressure device or machine. If you use the term CPAP, it will only confuse the Centrelink people. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. It is described as that on their list, you see. I mean, the young staff are not "Rocket Scientists" at Centrelink, and one has to spell it out for them. If you don't describve it as above you will be back and forth all year with paper work.

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