Everyone loves a lover

Ring out the bells – another Royal wedding is imminent, and we say congratulations and all the very British best to Meghan ‘Sparkle’ Markle and her beau, the charming Prince Harry.

Yes, the day is nigh – tomorrow morning – or 8pm AEST – the dynamic Ms Markle and Prince Harry will arrive at Windsor Chapel by carriage, and in front of 600 guests, they will exchange vows to become man and wife.

We’re excited!


Because Team YourLifeChoices are monarchists?

No, most of us are republicans. But we don’t think that matters two hoots anyway. What does matter is that this is a joyous occasion for two people who seem to have found love with each other.

In a world where headlines about terrorism, famine, corruption and poverty seem to dominate, isn’t it great to have a day when the feel-good factor runs so high?

What will Meghan wear? Is her gown designed by Aussies? Will there be a tiara? Will Harry be nervous? Who will walk Meghan down the aisle? The cute factor will no doubt be covered by Kate and William’s children, Charlotte and George. But who else will be in the bridal party. And will that fickle English weather finally produce some sunshine for the bride and groom? We hope so.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be there in spirit, perched in front of our TVs with a glass of bubbly to watch the proceedings from go to whoa.

And why not? Yes, Harry has had a massively privileged upbringing – but losing his mum in a car accident when he was just 12 was a cruel blow. Who can forget the images of him as he stoically walked behind followed her hearse at the state funeral? As he has stated recently, no one would ask a child to do that now.

Meghan Markle has obviously faced life challenges as well. So, for these two to find each other is very special. And as they are both aged in their 30s, they know who they are and what they want, including their need to give back to the various social causes they both support.

So, ring the bells we say. It’s Meghan and Harry’s day and their time to love and be loved. May they enjoy a long and happy married life.

Here’s where to watch the wedding ceremony:

  • ABC: In London for coverage from 7.30pm

  • SBS: Wedding coverage  from 7.30pm

  • Channel Seven and 7Plus: Wedding coverage from 4pm Saturday

  • Channel Nine and 9Now: Wedding coverage from 7pm

  • Channel E! on Foxtel: Wedding coverage from 7.30pm

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Written by Kaye Fallick


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