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When Debbie joined YourLifeChoices in March 2007 we had just 20,000 subscribers to a fortnightly enewsletter and still produced a quarterly print magazine. Debbie came on board to work part-time in administration, but before too long she was literally running the place! Not because she was driven or pushy, but more because she is so damn smart and so far ahead of the game. So she moved to a role in editorial, and soon stepped up to become our Managing Editor.

After 10 years she leaves us, literally, to spend more time with her family. And she leaves us in very good shape, having been a key part of the growth of our member numbers to 250,000, all of whom now receive a daily enewsletter with their morning cup of coffee. But more than the numbers or the frequency, it is the quality of the content that has been Debbie’s strongest gift to the YourLifeChoices community.

On a daily basis she has written or commissioned authoritative, relevant and accessible articles covering all aspects of retirement income, superannuation and Centrelink entitlements as well as health, travel, technology and more. No one knows the detail of this content as well as Debbie, and many members have been very grateful over the years for her clear and timely updates and answers to their questions.

The good news for all of us is that she is still available to guide our team as we step up to fill her shoes.

But there is so much more to Debbie than a great business brain and editorial skills. Put simply, Debbie is a warm, generous and totally fun work colleague. Publishing daily enewsletters and frequent eGuides is hard yakka, but she always managed to see the funny side if things went astray.

We are all so sad to have to farewell her, but we do wish her well as she takes time out to enjoy being a wife and mother, not to mention spending more time with naughty (but lovely) Lola, the new McTaggart puppy.

So long, farewell, it’s been a total blast, Deb. #loveyourwork

Drew, SJ, Ryan, Kathryn, Leon, Lucy, Ben, Olga, David & Kaye

Here are some of our favourite Debbie McTaggart moments:

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Written by Kaye Fallick


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    Thanks Deb you are the greatest many thanks.

  2. 0

    Enjoy seeing your family grow up. A wonderful time of life.

    Bon voyage and al the best.

  3. Profile Photo

    All the best for the future/

  4. 0

    Time out for yourself and family are very important; God Bless You and enjoy your future.

  5. 0

    Thanks for helping to make YLC so informative and interesting Debbie.
    Good luck to you in the future…

  6. 0

    Sorry to see you go. Enjoyed reading your articles. Keep safe and well. All the best to you and your family in future.

  7. 0

    Many thanks for the interesting articles in YLC.
    All the best of wishes for the future for you and yours

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    although she will be sorely missed around the office Are you telling me you people GET PAID to peddle this stuff.!!!!!!!

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    Sorry to see you go Debbie. You are an authority on such a wide range of issues pertinent to our age group – and this must have meant a huge amount of hard work on your part. I’ve always found your comments most insightful and I’ve looked forward to them in each edition. You have a good heart and speak eloquently for the underdog – a blessed relief in the current political climate. Thank you and may you have a happy, fulfilling and thoroughly deserved time out.



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