Favourite lollies go ‘missing’

If your favourite lollies are aniseed rings, jelly beans or jubes, you’ll be disappointed to find out that Darrell Lea has gradually discontinued these lines.

While these may be nostalgic favourites, a spokeswoman for Darrell Lea told News.com.au that it actually didn’t sell enough units to warrant producing them all year round. But if you’re really struggling to get by without your regular sugar hit, you and your friends should let the company know. “We at Darrell Lea love to hear from passionate Darrell Lea fans. If we receive lots of feedback telling us that Aussies are searching for our Darrell Lea Aniseed Rings, Jelly Beans or Fruit Jubes, we will gladly bring these products back,” said the spokeswoman.

What’s your favourite childhood lolly? Do you still buy them nowadays?

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