Five self-diagnosis apps

Pamper your inner hypochondriac with these self-diagnosis apps. Test your eyesight, check your hearing, find out what your symptoms mean and more.

Test your vision
This app runs five tests to check the quality of your vision. It checks for distance vision, astigmatism and colour blindness. It can be a great free way to work out whether you are due for a trip to the optometrist, but please note that the ‘Find a local optician’ function does not work in Australia.
Download the Vision Test Free app 

Hearing check
The majority of people with hearing loss are under 65 years of age, so it’s never too early to test your ears. This app checks your sensitivity to soft noises and your ability to discern speech in a noisy room.
Download the uHear app 

Depression, anxiety and stress
It can be tricky to tell the difference between simple stress and anxiety or depression. This app allows you to answer standardised questions to determine whether you are showing any signs of depression or anxiety. Answering questions alone isn’t enough, but it can help you to decide whether or not to seek advice from a professional.
Download the STAT Depression Screener app 

Diagnose your symptoms
You know you’re unwell, but you don’t know what your symptoms might mean. This symptom checker allows you to input your symptoms and then read the possible outcomes. It also gives expert medical recommendations, from home care to visiting your doctor, so it might save you a trip in.
Download the Medibank Symptom Checker app 

Triage nurse in your pocket
Created by two ER doctors, this app lets you put in your symptoms and then explains the possible causes in English, rather than in medical jargon. It is highly informative and should be used with caution by hypochondriacs and those who need to get a good night’s sleep.
Download the iTriage app 

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